Surfing for Beginners 101

Surfing for Beginners 101

So you’ve found yourself wanting to learn to surf and brought yourself here. Well you’re in good hands. We have gone ahead and put together a guide through all our blog posts to do with surfing, from preparing your gear to preparing yourself. So let’s get started, Surfing for Beginners 101. 


What You Need to Do

Surfing is an extremely strenuous sport so you should already familiarise yourself with a couple of things before heading out into the water.

  1. Consider Surf Lessons - it’s much easier to learn when someone’s there to point out your errors and give advice.
  2. If you’re unsure what to wear - don’t worry we’ve got a post on it.
  3. Make sure you know Surfing Etiquette so your first session can be fun and safe for you as well as everyone around you.
  4. Be aware that Surfing can be dangerous.
  5. Find out which Waves are best for Beginners
  6. As well as how to catch those waves
  7. It’s important to consider your stance
  8. This might be easier once you know How to Read Waves
  9. A big part of surfing are the waves, naturally. So to avoid ragdolling learn how to Turtle Roll if you’re using bigger boards, or Duck Dive if you’re using a short board.
  10. Once you've got some practise in learn how to paddle faster.
  Your Gear As with anything you’re only as good as your tools. So to make sure your gear is prepped read the following blogs on board and wetsuit care.
  1. Wetsuit care
  2. Board Care
  3. How to wax a Surfboard
  4. How to Remove Wax off a Board
  5. If this sounds too much a hassle, Consider Renting Surfboards
  6. Best Surfboards for beginners
  7. Progressing to a better board
  8. Transitioning from a longboard to a shortboard
  9. Fin Setup
  10. Fin Size
  11. How Surfboard Fins work
  12. Types of Surfboard Tails
  The Ocean
  1. Learn how to read Surf forecasts so you always know what you're getting yourself into.
  2. Learn how to read waves for when you're in the water.
Still not sure if surfing is for you? Well consider its benefits.
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