Progressing to a better Surfboard

Progressing to a better surfboard can be hindered by your board choice. So when do you know when it’s time to make the transition and what is the ideal board for this?

Surfboards For Progression 1

This transition generally happens when you feel as though your longboard is getting bogged when you turn/manoeuvre your board.

When you are regularly venturing into larger surf and  need to be able to duck dive. You’ve been surfing for quite some time and would like to apply your skills on a longer board to a new style of surfing

If you want to make the transition to a shorter board for progression you first need to consider your skill level. Are you Intermediate Beginner Intermediate

Be honest with yourself, if you’ve been surfing for a year, can turn, ride green water but have not entirely mastered larger surf and duck-diving you’re an intermediate beginner. The skill level you decide you are will impact on your ability to progress. It’s generally a rule of thumb to opt for the larger option board than the smaller Sure, the 5’9 wide thruster’s width may look easy and buoyant enough, but going from a mini mal to this size will inhibit your progression. What we recommend.

Stick to your larger sized boards, i.e softboards, longboards and mini mals. These will give you the paddle power you need to get on the waves and the buoyancy to get up easily with plenty of st ability.

The Noserider Longboard:

Lower volume, performance rails and increased rocker makes this nice and responsive. Perfect to learn on, but also perfect to advance on.

The Stick Logger Longboard :

The classic log- it'll get you onto any wave with the help of it's thick body and slight rocker.

M&M Minimal

Fun Board :

Progressive mini mal, made for beginners, but with a tail that lets anyone perform on it! 

Intermediate Beginners :

As the above description stated, as an intermediate beginner you’re getting a feel of surfing. You get up easily enough now and are looking to progress to a shorter board. Our recommendations would be shorter fish shapes or mini mals. Fishes are short but maintain the same amount of volume and buoyancy of a larger board, ensuring awesome paddle power, yet the added ability to be able to duck dive.  Mini mals are recommended also as they are more manoeuvrable than the regular longboard or softboard, so you’ll be able to perfect your turns and still be able to paddle easily onto waves. You wont be able to duck dive on a mini mal, but you will easily outpaddle a fish. Our advice is to purchase a mini mal if you’re going to be surfing smallmedium surf.

A blend of traditional mal and modern performance, graceful, flowing, but with some hidden aggression in the tail

2015 Dory Fish :

A classic summer board for those grovelling days, with lots and push and fairly forgivin M Minimal

Fun Board :

Progressive mini mal, made for beginners, but with a tail that lets anyone perform on it. Higher volume performance vs. fish hybrid, performs all round with decent stability.

Progressing to a better Surfboard

The Spida

A blend of traditional mal and modern performance, graceful, flowing, but with some hidden aggression in the tail. If you are an intermediate level surfer, have experience in a range of conditions and are able to duck dive, you’ re ready to advance to a shortboard. Check out our surfboard configurator to recommend the ideal shortboard dimensions for your weight, fitness, intermediate skill level and age ; this will give you an entirely personalised selection of our favourite shortboards. A couple that you may be interested in, that differ from the stock standard shortboard design are:  


The BakedBean

A super wide boy that’s s been baked until it’s fluffy. Ride it when it’s small but be surprised how it holds up when overhead.  


The Cloud

A higher volume shortboard, flat under chest for easy paddling, yet nimble enough for when the party gets started  


The Hidden

Best in town for mid-large waves, a round pin nose and tail for easy take off. With lots of speed generation and tight bottom turns ; super manoeuvrable.

Progressing to a better Surfboard  


The Stubster Shortboard

Performance surfing in smaller waves with an extra wide profile to help you cut through those fat sections. An all-rounder shortboard designed specifically for intermediates and bigger surfers to help you improve.  


Retro Fish

A retro twinny : a full flowing ride for when you just want to have fun.  


The Madam

A beautifully shaped shortboard, not as thick as the Cloud but handles like the Hidden. Let the curves of the Madam impress you.
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