Transitioning from a Longboard to a Shortboard

So you think you are ready to take the plunge, and begin transitioning from a longboard to a shortboard? Based on your ability level, it is important to consider the different styles, setups and the shapes of a shorter board. Depending on the type of waves you are gonna be riding the surfboards' tails, fins and shape will determine what surfboard is right for you. First thing I would say is, are you ready to be super frustrated by the lightness of a shortboard in comparison to a longboard? It’s going to be harder to paddle and harder to get up when you move from a longboard to a shortboard. You will have to be at a reasonable fitness level and at an intermediate level. But the rewards are definitely worth it. Check out the Disrupt surfboard configurator that will help answer your questions on what board will suit your surfing skill level, height, age and your fitness. We will recommend the best for you out of our wide selection of surfboards so you will be perfectly suited to your new board and ready to shred.



Surfing’s all about being creative, so you can pretty much ride whatever you want. Freestyle riding involves many technical skills such as sliding, board tricks, regular and goofy-footing, and dancing, just to name a few. This type of riding is a good way for beginners to learn board control skills, but it’s also extremely enjoyable for advanced and expert riders. The best board for you is going to be one that allows you to achieve the moves you are most interested in. Long and short boards inherently have differences in what they are best suited for. For this reason, surfing on one is going to be different than surfing on the other.
Transitioning from a longboard to a shortboard may seem like an easy move however surfers making the switch will soon find out how hard the transition can be. Things that get overlooked, like paddling or popping up, will be much more difficult when you have less foam under you. Shortboards are known for their ability to generate power, making them desirable for shapers that have been shredding for some time. They are also known for their inability to catch small waves, not making them suitable for beginners that will be sticking to the smaller waves to learn.
When in doubt always go longer if you're making the switch from a longboard to a shortboard and be sure to ask questions from those with experience. The egg surfboard is a great board to try out in your transition. As a combination of both short and long boards it can really help you make a gradual transition. Check out our selection of eggboards here, and feel free to chat with us on the website with any questions!

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