What Should I Wear Surfing?

What Should I Wear Surfing?

You are probably excited for your first surfing lesson! But have you wondered, "What should I wear surfing?" While some of us are a bit more hip than others, generally it is important to wear clothing that provides comfort and performance. That being said, if its your first time surfing then a good pair of board shorts and a rash guard will do just fine. In general though, there are differences in what to wear in warm and cold waters.  


Surf Gear Guide for Warm Water

When choosing what to wear surfing, we would recommend something that is comfortable, but also stays put and doesn't move around. Typically men and women will wear the same thing surfing that they do on a normal day at the beach. Although it is recommended, rash guards are not mandatory and if you feel like working on your tan while out on the water, go for it. Board shorts and sporty bikinis will be sufficient for a surf session in warm water. But do keep in mind, a rash guard will prevent chafing on your stomach (and nipples) from the wax and built-up sand on the board. Security is another thing to consider and is always important when it comes to surfing apparel. Be sure to wear something that is going to fit snug and isn't going anywhere. (We've all had those embarrassing moments where we show a little more than we would like to.) Flexibility and weight of clothing are things to consider as well. You want to allow for plenty of movement.  


Surf Gear for Cold Water

In colder conditions, a wetsuit is recommended and depending on the temperature you may need a hood, gloves and booties as well. If you live in a very cold climate area a hooded wetsuit is your way to go, however even regular surfers will not own hooded wetsuits because for the majority of the year they are way too hot to wear. In the extreme cases of cold weather we would encourage the hood, gloves and booties to withstand the cold temperatures. But if you're just shredding the east coast of Australia or the sunny west coast of California, then a basic wetsuit will do the trick.
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