How to prepare for your first yoga class

How to prepare for your first yoga class

It is normal to feel nervous when you are trying something for the first time – especially yoga. Most newbies often feel intimidated when introduced to the scene in a yoga studio. These tips, however, will help you prepare for your first yoga class, and help you feel more confident and comfortable.



Your choice of clothing is crucial to your yoga success. Choose only comfortable clothing that will allow unrestricted movement. Put in mind that you’ll be stretching and bending a lot. For gents, shorts and baggy t-shirts would be appropriate, while ladies can wear Capris and tight tops. The clothes you choose shouldn’t be too loose, so you don’t expose your body unnecessarily. Also, free clothes tend to fall on your face during downward poses, and you may spend more time adjusting it than concentrating on your positions. Here are some ideas of what you should not wear. Shoes are not needed since yoga is practiced barefooted. Although you can wear socks, they are not exactly advisable. Practicing barefooted gives you more grip on the mat as you perform the various poses. You can talk to your instructor to know what works better for you.



Although most materials are readily available in the yoga studio, you will need to invest in a mat. You can design your personal yoga mat here. Also, you will need your water bottle. Water keeps you hydrated throughout the practice session.


Prepare For Yoga

Drink plenty of water

Yoga practice requires that your body is sufficiently hydrated due to the rate of water loss in a typical yoga class. Ensure you drink water two hours before the class and immediately after class, especially if you are doing hot yoga.

Eat light

Ensure you keep your body light by eating a healthy meal at least two and a half hours before class. Stay away from saucy, fatty, fried, spicy, and high-acid foods because they do not digest easily. Your classes will exert energy, and eating right is the best way to balance that.


Practice the basics

Before attending your first yoga class, get acquainted with some of the basic moves and poses. It will get you motivated and prepared for your first class. Read up on texts available for yoga, or you could watch introductory videos.


Arrive early

This will give you ample time to get familiar with the studio, discuss with the teacher, and get your mat set down in a comfortable place. Don't forget to breathe and relax. Also, you won’t miss the instructions teachers give at the beginning of the practice.   If you want to make sure you are ultra prepared for your first yoga class, take a look at some precautions you can take to prepare.
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