What not to Wear to a Yoga Class

What not to Wear to a Yoga Class

Although there is no strict dress code when practising yoga, there is certainly a universal awareness of what not to wear to a yoga class. What could possibly go wrong you may think? You’ll be surprised at how a simple wardrobe mistake may leave you rather exposed and really embarrassed. You may want to read 5 Yoga Mistakes to Avoid this Winter to evade further awkwardness. Comfortable and well-fitted attire that works with your body is essential, and allows you to concentrate on your class, without having to faff around adjusting your outfit. Here are our suggestions as to what not to wear to a yoga class.


Thin Bottoms

Those comfy leggings that you wear on a daily basis may seem like a good idea, but may not work in a yoga situation as they become somewhat thin across the crotch, particularly when stretching. Make sure you check for thinning material and holes in the crotch to avoid any accidental revealing. Also, avoid light-coloured material, as these can be see-through when performing certain stretches.


Tight or Loose Shorts

Shorts are brilliant for football practise and long-distant running, but not always ideal for yoga. Shorts too tight and you will restrict movement, bunch up, and be in discomfort. Shorts too loose may prevent you from viewing your perfect yoga pose, or allowing others to view unnecessary sights. If you are conscious of your yoga attire during class, then your outfit must be wrong.


Loose Tops

A beginner’s mistake is to think that yoga is all about loose, flowing garments. Loose tops can be a nightmare, as they’ll end up falling over your head and wrapping around your neck and mouth when attempting various postures. This can be extremely distracting and also leave your belly on show. Ignore baggy tops that reveal flesh during various postures to prevent your classmates from an unwelcome view.


Revealing Tops

Some tops may fit well when standing up straight, but just don’t provide the support for women when performing some yoga poses, for example the downward facing dog pose. There is a risk element involved with wearing white tops too, especially if you’re getting sweaty. You don’t want your yoga buddies to think you have come from a wet t-shirt contest! A sports bra underneath a top is a safe bet, and credibility for bright colours.



Keeping your hair out of your face is a must, and a good hair-grip or headband is a sensible option. Failing to bring a yoga mat may lead to having to borrow a used, sweaty one. Having your own yoga mat will only add to the enjoyment of the class, and make you motivated to keep attending. Brownie points for taking your own personalised yoga mat! You will not need a whole new yoga wardrobe before starting your classes, however you should be aware of the mistakes when failing to dress appropriately. For a little more yoga preparation read 5 Precautions to note before starting yoga.
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