How to Create a Custom Yoga Routine at Home

Creating your own custom yoga routine at home is very involving and cumbersome. In fact, it is very difficult at the very least. If I have not discouraged you yet, congratulations. You are committed to having your own routine and this commitment will come in handy.

Being your own yoga teacher

Yoga instructors are taught to create an effective and sustainable yoga sequence for their students. One of the best things about being your own teacher is that you get to try all these routines and being able to concentrate and dedicate your time in specific areas you want to work on. The most important thing before developing a custom yoga routine is to know your body. Relax and listen to your body talk to you. What does it want? What poses is it desperately needing? Your body may feel really worked up or energized. Regardless of how it feels, listen to it and set the course to fulfil its needs.

The skeleton

A good custom yoga routine starts off with an asana. Then followed by a few poses to relax your muscles and loosen your joints. I would recommend doing neck rolls, cat-cow, wrist stretches, etc. I covered some of these poses in my previous article; Yoga for surfers Assuming you are now feeling relaxed and in some mood for more yoga, I would recommend  adding a few sessions of Surya Namaskara A or B or even both to your custom yoga routine. These are referred to as sun salutations. These poses are meant to warm up your body and get it ready for some more yoga. You can also throw in a fee Chandra Namaskara.

The really fun part

Remember when you first sat and listened to your body? This is where you do what your body wanted. This is where you give your body what it wanted. Balancing poses, standing poses, backbends, etc.


A great custom yoga routine gives the body what it wants and needs

A great custom yoga routine gives the body what it wants and needs


There is really no technique to do this. This will be your actual custom yoga routine since everyone’s body is different. All I would urge you to do is to distribute the poses. When you do it on one side for x minutes, make sure you do it on the other side for x minutes. The aftermath Regardless of the poses you chose, you will be tired and sweaty by now. To begin your cooling down process, I recommend doing light folds and twists. You can also do some restorative inversions. I am hoping you are not a newbie to Yoga. I know it’s a bit late to ask. So I hope you understand all these poses I am throwing around. In case you are a beginner, abandon this article and read our previous article on Yoga for beginners. Take some backbends gently. No pressure. Keep yourself breathing and ensure you enjoy every breath. This way, you will keep your mind focused on the custom yoga routine and this avoids the temptation of getting sleepy or quitting midway.


Control your breathing when doing your custom yoga routine

Control your breathing when doing your custom yoga routine


It is worth noting You should take your custom yoga routine as a habit. Just like you do with your teeth or taking care of the rest of your body. It should come naturally. You know you are doing it right when you get to a point where not doing your custom yoga routine feels like not brushing your teeth. It is not a punishment. According to Kripalu, you should be free with your routine. You don’t really need to complete your routine. Do as much or as little as your body feels like doing. This is not a concentration camp. Just because my custom yoga routine takes an hour doesn’t mean your custom yoga routine should take an hour. It is your routine, not our routine. Your yoga routine your choice. Make it all rounded. Have a custom yoga routine that involves the whole body. You might decide to emphasize on some body parts at the expense of other parts but you should at least ensure that every part of your body is involved in your custom yoga routine. I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. I would love to read your comments on this article and also feel free to share with us and your fellow readers your yoga routine if you have any. Thank you for your time.

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