Your first yoga class: what you need to know

Your first yoga class: what you need to know

Depending on your instructor and the studio, the experience of your first yoga class may not be predictable. However, there is a few general information that you are required to know as they will significantly influence your yoga journey. The scene at a yoga studio can particularly get intimidating if you’re not prepared. The following are important points to know for your first yoga class.


Heat and Humidity

The temperature in the yoga studio is usually raised up to between 80 – 90 degrees, and can even get hotter as you practice. Also, some studios have humidifiers that give effect of a sauna, but it is mean to help your body open up quickly.


Dress light and comfortably

Your choice of dressing greatly contributes to your yoga experience. You must wear something light, comfortable, tight fitting, but not so much it becomes restrictive.


Never forget your materials

Although you may be able to rent a yoga mat in the studio, ensure you always attend classes with yours. A water bottle, hand towel, straps, bolster, blankets, and blocks are other props that will aid your participation in class. While straps and blocks give you more space to twist, blankets make seated postures more convenient, and hand towels help you take care of the sweat. You can also design your custom yoga mat. 



During the class, although this depends on the studio, there are chances of Sanskrit chanting happening at the start or end of the class. It is not compulsory if you don’t want to participate, but if you want to, try to keep up with the class. No one will notice or mind if you miss the lines.


Watch your breath

Breathing is a crucial element of yoga. Pay attention, as every movement or pose requires a sequence of in and out breathing. Sometimes a pose can be exerting and get you anxious – just calm down and breathe through it. Yoga teaches remarkable breathing techniques that will help reduce your heart rate in any condition.


Trust your teacher

Your teacher will find the poses more convenient, and it can be hard to follow their pace, however, trust their judgment on pose sequencing and ensure you keep up with the class. If you find a pose discomforting, ensure you tell your instructor about it.


Follow Class rules

Rules vary from studio to studio, but there are a few constants like removing your shoes before entering the studio and turning off your cellphone. Taking your shoes off is hygienic, and it shows reference to the holy place. Achieving a calm ambiance in the studio is important, and your ringing cell phone can cause a distraction. Make sure you read your studio’s rules and abide by them. Enjoy your yoga class!
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