Yoga for the Netflix lover

Yoga for the Netflix lover

Let’s be honest. We’ve all at some point in our lives spent well over two hours watching TV, and with the arrival of Netflix it’s only gotten worse. No matter what your choice is, whether it’s House of Cards, Orange is the New Black or Breaking Bad we all know the physical pains and aches that come along with the pleasure of streaming for hours on end. I’m sure we can all also relate to the feeling of being a waste of space, but fear no more. Now you can catch up on the last three seasons as well as doing yoga for Netflix at the same time! Try these yoga poses during your next Netflix binge to keep the aches at bay and feel like you did something productive - what more can could you ask for?  

These yoga poses will let you use your netflix time to align your spine and open your hips. After two or three weeks you’ll find yourself more alert, comfortable and aligned! There’s no specific order to do these poses in, just switch between them whenever one pose starts feeling uncomfortable.

Sphinx Pose

Lie on your belly with your elbows under your shoulders and press hands into the couch. Lift your head and align your collarbones with the screen instead of your eyes.

Yoga for Netflix 

Supported Hero’s Pose 

Bring your knees together and sit on them. Make sure your toes are pointing back or in toward each other. This pose helps brings back the natural curvature of your feet and knees

Supported Staff Pose

Sit with your butt and your spine as close to the couch as possible, making the straight couch outline help you align your spine. This helps you become spacialy aware of what your straight spine should feel like.

Yoga for Netflix


Supported Wide-Straddle Forward Bend

Sit with your legs as far apart as still is comfortable, and try to not bend your knees. There’s no need to force them as with time your hamstrings will loosen and allow your legs to fall straight. Place a pillow between your legs and place elbows beyond the pillow, keep your neck long and feel the stretch along your spine.

Yoga for Netflix


Sit on a pillow so your hips are above your knees. Place on knee over the other and rest your hands on your upper knee. Sit as upright as possible and keep both glutes on the pillow. This one feels great after the supported wide-straddle forward bend.    


Yoga for Netflix

Try these poses to see how your Netflix sessions can be turned into something productive! With better alignment you will start to sleep better, for more tips on how yoga can help with sleep click here! Combined this with a healthy, balanced diet and the toned yoga body you dream of will be more than achievable! 

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