Why Breathing in Yoga is so Important

Why Breathing in Yoga is so Important

Ever wondered why breathing in yoga is so important? When practicing yoga, one of the most important aspects to master is the practice is breathing. Though all the other aspects are crucial, no other aspect is deemed as important to yoga as the practice of controlling your breathing. By controlling your breathing the body will be able to handle the strain and discomfort found in the more difficult positions with ease.  


  • It Helps You Maintain Control

The process of breathing is such a crucial aspect of a yogi’s practice as it allows for the body to retain as much oxygen as possible when practicing ones stances. By being able to synchronise your breath with your movements, the body becomes more capable of performing more poses with greater ease and comfort. By allowing yourself to control your breath so well, you find yourself to be more aware of the movements performed, thus allowing for optimal performance.  



  • Keeps You Calm

When consciously controlling your breathing, a yogi can become more aware of differing states of mind. By activating your cerebral cortex through the process of slowing your breath, a soothing and relaxing effect is created within this process. By consciously allowing your mind to be in an altered state, you allow yourself to improve your physical performance. As the mind relaxes, you allow yourself to perform new poses without fear. This is one of the main aspects that show why breathing in yoga is so important.



  • Keeps You Energised

Through the process of pranayama, the process of breathing allows for any yogi to tap into new wells of energy. By controlling your breath in a certain way, you allow yourself to really harness your energy as such focus allows for more oxygen to the enter the body. By allowing more oxygen to enter the body, you allow yourself to feel more energized and willing to continue your session with full force. When wondering why breathing in yoga is so important it is key to remember that breathing greatly assists in maintaining your energy levels.  


  • Enhances Your Sense of Self
Alongside this, the art of breathing consciously, you will become more aware of your sense of self. By consciously controlling your breath, you’re able to explore your mental state in a much greater depth. When mastering your breath one of the highest levels of consciousness is felt when one can hear their breath. By being able to alter and control your breath it will become easier to maintain and detect an alteration in mood.   By overlooking this extensive list, it is clear to see that the practice of consciously breathing is an incredibly crucial part of yoga practice. When wondering why breathing in yoga is so important, it’s crucial to consider all the benefits that breathing consciously affords when on the mat. Get the most out of your yoga experiences by reading up on these great tips!
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