The Unwritten Rules of Yoga

There are just some things that don't fly in the yoga community, here is a list of 5 unwritten rules (absolute pet peeves) that all yogis will recognise. The only thing worse than a yoga beginner who doesn't yet know yoga's unwritten etiquette is a well-practised yogi or yogini who doest know! Use these points to be a sun salutation rather than a downwards facing dog. 



1) Don't touch my yoga mat-

it is considered very rude among all yogis to step on another person's yoga mat, it’s a hygiene and respect issue. Give me my space.  



2) Don't walk into the yoga class late-

You can disturb a whole yoga class (including the instructor) and throw them off if you charge in even 10 minutes late, this is chill time, no rushing please.



3) No chat zone-

Guys and gals, yoga is a time for a physical-spiritual connection, you’re never going to get there if you’re having a gossip with your neighbour. Everyone else in the room will probably want to murder you too.... 



4) Shoes in a yoga studio are gross-

Don't track dirt and germs into our chill zone, it's nasty. Yoga socks are great if you don't want bare feet but anything else is not on. 



5) Be aware of your space-

While were all stretching and bending and turning ourselves into human pretzels, arms and legs are going to go everywhere but please make sure you keep track of where your limbs are going, no one wants your clammy foot in their face. Well that's it guys just follow these 5 unwritten rules and you're in the clear, it'll make you look like you've been a yogi for years and it will help you in class.

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