The Best Yoga Positions for Beginners

The Best Yoga Positions for Beginners

Yoga has been exploding over the last few years, you’ve heard all about your mate’s classes and want to try it out. But before you go to your first class give these poses and positions a go so you’ll feel more confident. There are loads of health benefits of doing yoga; it relieves stress, prevents injury and even helps you sleep. But this doesn’t stop it from being intimidating to start with, so here are our top beginner poses.



Downward Dog:

What: This is a classic yoga pose and probably the one you’ve heard the most about. It’s also an effective stretch for your calves and hamstrings.

How to do it:

From a standing position bend forward and walk your hands out. Your hands and feet should be hip width apart. Once in a stable plank position move your hips up towards the ceiling. Your body should look like an inverted V, if you are having problems in this position you can bend your knees slightly to ease the stretch.




What: A good challenge for your balance and a good way to stretch your lower leg joints.

How to do it: Start standing at the front of your mat facing forward. Step your right foot backwards towards the end of your mat, taking up at least 2/3s of the mat. Turn your feet 90 degrees until you are facing sideways from where you started. Turn your right foot in a little if you are struggling with stability and make sure your front knee is in line with your ankle, not over it, to prevent any injuries.

Stretch your arms out and try to stretch your fingers tips to either end of your matt. You should feel a stretch across your back and an opening of your chest. Hold this position for a few breaths and then start again on the other side.



Seated twist pose:

What: A great all over body stretch, this is really good if you have been sitting in an office all day and helps get those knots out.

How to do it: Sit at the end of your mat with your legs outstretched. Put your right leg over the outside of your left leg, bend your right knee and place your right hand behind you for stability. Twist your upper body and try to get your left elbow to rest on your right thigh. Look to your right and you should feel a twist and stretch up your back and along your hips.  



Tree pose:

What: Another pose you would have seen a lot of on Instagram, this pose improves your balance and helps to ground yourself.

How to do it: Stand tall at the end of your mat with both feet planted on the floor. Shift your weight to one side and when you feel steady start to move your other foot up your leg. It doesn’t matter how high you can get it, we suggest at first try resting it on your calve and then slowly moving up your leg depending on how you feel. Make sure you avoid pushing it on the side of you knee as this can lead to serious knee injuries.


Child pose:
What: This pose is a great resting pose, not only allowing you to catch your breath but also a brilliant back stretch.
How to do it: On all fours move your hips back and sit on your heals leaving your hands where they were to start with. You should feel a stretch along the mid-section of your spine between your shoulder blades.
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