How Yoga Improves Sport Performance

How Yoga Improves Sport Performance

Yoga Improves Sport Performance. Whether you're a skater, surfer, snowboarder or all of the above you might think you've got your physical health entirely covered. But you can always do better right? Although yoga comes with the hippie cliche for some it's benefits to your body will make you throw those presumptions out the window. Yoga not only benefits your body and mind but also your performance in all other sports just by practising it.

Yoga makes visualisation easier.

Athletes often talk about “being in the zone” in big competitions. To get your mind ready for that moment take some time, even the night before, to visualise yourself nailing that trick. The quieter the mind, the deeper the visualisation. Yoga quiets the mind.


Yoga helps you refocus.

If you’ve won and need to refocus or lost and need to rebound yoga helps you learn to handle the ups and downs. Leaving the past behind and focusing on the present is detrimental to your success in your present performance, and yoga helps you with just that.


Yoga increases flexibility.

The more efficiently an athlete can move through different planes of motion, the more likely he or she will nail a maneuver. Especially in regards to skate and surf yoga gives you the added flexibility to nail those snaps and cutbacks. Yoga is what will help increase your flexibility and overall maneuvers whatever type of athlete you are. Yoga Improves S

port Performance

Yoga prevents injury. Yoga Improves Sport Performance

Yoga is astounding at strengthening our stabilizer muscles. We often forget them in our daily workouts until it’s too late. Until we’ve had an injury and the recovery program mandates we focus on these vital muscles for once. So do yourself a favor and strengthen them, avoiding the future pains and medical bills.


Yoga lets you unplug.

Athletes are on constant alert while at practice or in a competition. Moments of solitude give athletes the chance to disconnect mentally and restore energy and focus. Practicing yoga and meditation trains you to be able to disconnect and focus within for a few minutes anywhere and anytime. Yoga also helps to improve your sleeping patterns, giving you more  energy when you need it most. 

You have to start somewhere! Try to add one or two yoga practices each week, even just at your house. You might think yoga isn’t your thing, but with the various types and different teachers you’ll find the right fit, and avoid common mistakes.  You’ll see the results either in your performance and or your mind and spirit. Be patient, yoga improves sport performance but you need to be patient. 

Once you get into yoga try these nutritious snacks to go along with your practice!

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