Beginner Yoga Poses for Two

Beginner Yoga Poses for Two

Maybe you’ve been in a relationship for a week, maybe five years, maybe you're just close friends, whatever it is it’s time to take that relationship to the next level and get your loved one to partner up for some yoga poses for two.


Sit 'n' Twist for Two


Partner Sit 'n' Twist, beginner yoga poses for two

An easy beginner pose for you both to dip your toes into the water with, the Sit 'n' Twist is a great gentle exercise to really stretch your upper body. It's great for posture and causing your back to make that cracking noise, and who doesn't love that.


Double Tree Pose

Double Tree Pose, Beginner Poses for Two

The next step after a gentle stretch together is the Double Tree. The key is supporting each other for this Asanas, but the best thing is you'll notice results in your overall balance very quickly which is made all the sweeter by your partner getting the same benefits.


Double Boat Pose

Double Boat Pose, Beginner yoga poses for two

Once you're comfortable with the Double Tree, it's time to stretch those legs even further with the Double Boat pose. In this you'll be using each other to get a deep stretch to the hamstrings when keeping yourselves upright by holding hands, and what more could you want from a pose with a partner?


Double Plank Poses

Double Plank, beginner yoga poses for beginners

After you've felt the burn in the thighs it's time for the core and what better than the classic plank with that added extra. In the Double Plank the bottom partner must have the core to support the added weight, while the top partner has to be able to hold the pose gripping on ankles. If you can nail this pose comfortably you'll both be feeling like a rock solid team.


Base Test

Base Test pose, beginner yoga poses for two

Last but certainly not least is the Base Test, which teaches the bottom partner core and leg strength to stay steady while the top partner balances. Holding this pose for any length of time could be tricky for a beginner, but with teamwork you'll crack it in no time.  

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