7 Reasons Men should do Yoga

7 Reasons Men should do Yoga

Although there are more women in the sport, there are many reasons men should do yoga too. Today, more yoga studios and classes are springing up and many, especially men, are curious about what goes on within the four walls of the classes. If you’re wondering why yoga is so important and its benefits to you, then wonder no more. Yoga does not only improve flexibility, but it also produces practical results that are immensely beneficial to your physical and mental health. The following are reasons men should do yoga



Most physical poses, called Yoga asanas come with spinal twists that will help loosen up the several joints that are in your spine. Another related benefit is that it improves your range of movement. Yoga stretches those tight muscle groups like hamstrings, glutes, shoulders, and pecs. This is particularly beneficial if you participate in sports like tennis or golf. Yoga can help you develop the flexibility that will improve your movement.


Form of Relaxation

Due to our hectic schedule, we all have to deal with stress and fatigue. Yoga has amazing relaxation techniques that will help you achieve tranquility and rest. Getting committed to yoga can help you slow down and achieve the calm your body needs. Through concentration on getting particular poses, daylong calmness is possible.


Improved Breathing

Yoga requires having to focus on inhaling and exhaling, especially when trying to perform some poses. The more intense it gets, the slower you breathing becomes. You learn how to control your breathing—take in long, slow breaths when required, and expand your lung capacity to absorb more or the same amount of oxygen from lesser inhalations. Your body is trained to sufficiently oxygenate itself.


Improved balance

Having balance involves many things, and yoga can help you manage that. There are poses that contribute to improving your balance, including one-legged poses, headstands, handstands, arm balances, and other somewhat tough challenges.


Yoga Improves Health

Athletic activities are healthy, yoga is healthier and improves the state of your mind and body. Through efficient breathing, you can reduce your blood pressure and curb stress response. It can also help you manage muscular and bone related pains.


Improved sex

Another reason why men should do yoga is that it improves their performance in bed. The relaxation and breathing techniques from yoga classes mean better and longer sex. The improved concentration skills you get from practicing yoga can help you focus and channel your sexual energy properly, and also prevent premature ejaculation. Before joining the Yoga class, consider designing your custom yoga mat here.
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