5 Yoga Mistakes to Avoid this Winter

5 Yoga Mistakes to Avoid this Winter

Some of us might have been practicing yoga for a while now, but how do we know if we’re truly benefitting from it? When we put our yoga practice on autopilot, we often tend to overlook our mistakes or fall into ruts or bad habits. Continuing to make the same yoga mistakes, instead of correcting them, might hurt our form and awareness level, not to mention raising the risk of injury. However, practiced mindfully yoga is something we can  constantly improve in and enjoy.  We can benefit from continually fine-tuning our efforts and maintaining a healthy understanding of how our actions are helping or holding us back. With that said, here are a few common yoga mistakes to avoid as the year kicks off to enhance yoga’s benefits and reduce any risk of injury.


1.  Wavering Mind

When we do yoga, we must focus entirely on the moves we're performing. When done correctly, there is full coordination amongst spirit and body, which is basic in getting most extreme advantages from yoga. Without care, we're essentially stretching muscles without gain. It's imperative to submerge ourselves in the present and spotlight on each and every body development.


2.  Inconsistency

Yoga is a practice that must be practiced for ideal results. "Results" shouldn't be the principal objective in rehearsing, however by being inconsistent in our yoga practise, we can shock our bodies when we decide to bounce back on the mat after a break. Irregularity is a major yoga mistake to avoid, just a little yoga a day can keep our bodies and psyches moving in the right direction. My yoga experience lets me know that consistency is necessary to profit from yoga and that every session expands on the past one. Try to hit the mat each day.


3.  Pushing Too Hard

  With regards to yoga, sometimes keeping it simple is better. It does inspire us to push ourselves past mild discomfort, however not at the danger of overlooking what our bodies tell us. If we push too hard and disregard our body's notice signs, we chance harming ourselves. It's critical to feel inner sensations and respect the body to avoid pointless injuries. Rather than continually pushing, we ought to concentrate on surveying how our body responds to every stance and react to our elevated mindfulness.


4.  Comparisons

The easiest shortfall is comparing ourselves to others. It’s easy to do, especially in classes with over 30 people, but it’s not what yoga is about. Instead of stretching and pushing your body further than you should just because a friend is further along in the pose turn your focus to yourself. Yoga is about constantly improving yourself, take this learning curve as a time to strengthen your mind and determination in a healthy balanced way.


5.  Yoga on a Full Stomach

There are yoga poses that help with digestion, but that doesn’t mean you should practise yoga on a full stomach. Food is fuel, but only when eaten at the right time. Give yourself at least an hour (more like two) to eat before class or practising yoga. While digesting your body funnels blood to your stomach and away from your muscles, leaving little energy and making practise harder than it needs to be. If you need a snack consider these ideas (2 hours) before your next practise! By keeping these five tips in mind we’ll be well on our way to enjoying a wonderful yoga practise this winter!
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