Why Use A Stand Up Paddle Board

The stand up paddle board has feverishly become one of the most popular watercrafts in the past decade.

The stand up paddle board has feverishly become one of the most popular watercrafts in the past decade.


Why Use A Stand Up Paddle Board? 

  • Ideal for a variety of outdoor water activities
  • Good for fitness
  • Can easily be used by beginners
  • Still presents a challenge for more advanced users

  Originating from ancient times in many cultures, the modern stand up paddle board, sometimes called a pedal board, has quickly become one of the most popular forms of watercraft around. The stand up paddle board is very versatile, having many uses to suit the needs of outdoor water enthusiasts the world over. But mainly, unlike other board-based watercraft, it is very beginner-friendly; simply requiring a desire for freedom and adventure combined with basic balancing skills.  

What is a standup paddle board?

Think of the stand up paddle board as a combination between a surfboard and a canoe. As the name implies, a person will quite literally stand up on a board and use a paddle to propel its motion on water. Unlike traditional surfboards however, a stand up paddle board is generally much longer --- 8 to 14 feet long; and thicker ---29 to 31 inches thick; to support more weight and to provide greater stability. As such, the stand up paddle board provides the user with a wide range of uses and benefits:  


Exploring lakes, rivers and the sea:

Again, compared to a traditional surfboard, its additional length and width, plus the use of a paddle greatly increases the range of a stand up paddle board, In calm waters this board will allow you to travel for many miles, giving you a different experience when it comes exploring. Many tourist destinations will offer rentals of stand up paddle boards, which is ideal for a day of sightseeing. However, you must always exercise caution with this type of activity despite the stand up paddle board being designed to traverse relatively long distances in bodies of water. Always wear the proper clothing with respect to the climate and weather conditions. It is better to have a leash to fasten yourself to the stand up paddle board in case you lose your balance and fall off. Lastly, you might want to wear a personal flotation device particularly if you are setting off in an isolated location without lifeguards. The ideal length of a stand up paddle board for an enjoyable journey is between nine to fourteen feet long with a width of thirty-one inches or more. Nowadays, there are plenty of options for you to design your own standup paddle board based on your needs and preferences.


Riding waves:

Similar to surfing, a stand up paddle board can be used to catch waves. Using the same principles, one instead uses the paddle to properly position the board onto a breaking wave in order to slide down its face. Additionally, a rider can use the paddle as an implement for better balance and maneuverability when riding the wave. The ideal size of a stand up paddle board for surfing purposes is from nine to twelve feet long and twenty-nine to thirty inches wide. Anything wider than thirty inches will result in a much slower board, which may impede you from catching fast breaking waves. So it’s probably best to choose a custom design stand up paddle board tailored to suit surfing conditions as well as your body type.  


A total body workout:

One of the main reasons why stand up paddleboarding has become the swiftest-growing water sport in the world is that it offers a workout complete package. Standing up for a majority of the time while working a paddle and navigating a board will improve your balance. Spending an entire day like this will is also great cardio. The stability of a paddle board will even allow you to do yoga on it, thereby improving your flexibility. For the competitive, there are plenty of races organised by like-minded people constantly training to improve their stand up paddle board prowess.  

So what’s not to love about a stand up paddle board? No matter what your age group is or the state of your physical fitness, the stand up paddle board will certainly have a place in a true water lover’s lifestyle.  

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