Australian Surfing Artist

Australian Surfing Artist

Surfing art is refreshing, easy on the eye and a great past time. Here are three surfing artists who have made surfing art into a profession.

Surfing Artist

Source: Scott Christensen

Scott Christensen

Surfing artist Scott Christensen started painting with oils on extended canvas in 1997 at 26 years old. After four years, Scott surrendered from his position driving a level penetrating truck to consider Visual Art full-time. Scott's significant other had quite recently brought forth their first kids, twins. As Scott reviews: "failure was not an option".

From that point forward, he has sold more than 250 originals and more than 3,500 Canvas Editions. Scott joined his capacity to make with his adoration for the Australian coastline, and has never taken a look back. He speaks to these steadily changing situations with energetic shading, sharp structure, and regard for every detail. His work has been portrayed as 'jazzy', 'photograph authenticity', "interesting" and 'exceptionally Australian'.

Scott Christensen paints full-time from his Studio/Gallery in Cleveland, in the Redland Shire of Queensland. Scott's work is held in private and open accumulations inside Australia and in private accumulations all over the place from the USA to the UK. Solid deals Australia wide are affirmation that Scott's pictures touch many people, a pattern that is proceeding on the world stage. His work is keeping on developing and maturing, guaranteeing financial specialists of its collectability. 


Surfing Artist

Source: Fernanda O’Connell

Fernanda O’Connell

Experiencing childhood in the high-thickness environment of Sao Paulo, Brazil, surfing artist Fernanda longed for living by the ocean to appreciate a seaside way of life. When she started bodyboarding at 11 years old, it turned out to be clear to her that the sea would be the centre of her life. At the end of her teenage years, she started wanting to go far and wide and was especially pulled in to Australia where she met her future spouse. Together they have headed out to large portions of the world class surfing destinations and continue to do so, ingraining in their kids the affection for voyaging, meeting new individuals and getting a charge out of various cultures. Fernanda is for the most part a self-educated craftsman, yet has prepared with famous craftsman Leann Hansen on the South Coast of Australia, Sonja Georgeson of Manly and has finished a few escalated courses with the National Art School in Sydney with prestigious addresses. Her artistic creations of waves and seascapes have pulled in broad daylight and private commissions in Australia, Brazil, Portugal, France and the United States of America. Her affection for the sea is reflected in her sketches and her point is to convey canvas viewpoints of the ocean that a lone surfer could relate to.

Fernanda approaches her seascapes with the nonattendance of individuals so viewers can envision themselves encountering the fervour, force and magnificence of the sea without distractions. Fernanda would work from photos and can be authorized to make a unique fine art that brings the ocean into your encompasses.


Surfing Artist

Source: Sean Scott

 Sean Scott

Surfing artist Sean Scott has mastered the capture of surfing as a performing art for years. Taking perspective in and out of the water.

He extracts the beauty he see's outside, and brings it inside by sitting it on canvas using high quality inks and latest technology materials. Being a surfer himself, Sean has great respect for the ocean's glory. And with the eye of the talented he has found a way where he can share the moment with the viewer, by capturing the motion, detail, and perspective, of paradise in its own. Not following mainstream photography, Sean has a unique approach, with a more abstract and artistic impression, focusing on the fine arts of photography. Not only does Sean have two very popular galleries in Australia. One of his galleries sits on a world famous surf spot called Burleigh Heads, and there is soon to be another at world famous surf spot, Snapper Rocks.

Always travelling, Sean is constantly photographing the wonders of the ocean. And inspiring the world to open their eyes to the magical place we live! Are you a local artist? We'd love to hear from you. 

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