Sydney Local Surfboard Artists

Sydney Local Surfboard Artists

There is something very special about surf photography and artwork. Here are three guys who are exceptional Surfboard Artists.

Surfboard Artists

Source: Lee Pegus

 Lee Pegus

Surfboard artists Lee Pegus is a surf photographer. Growing up and surfing at Sydney's Manly Beach, "Pego" got his first intravenous hit of saltwater at 10 years old, immaculately preparing him for the position of copyboy he took up a couple of years after in the sink-or-swim universe of publication at the Sydney Morning Herald. As anyone might expect, Lee swum.

He brazenly wormed his way into the photographic office and learnt his exchange at the feet of the nation's finest political and war reporters. He took his insight back to the shoreline in the 70s and started shooting his interests - surf activity, and the strange characters who lived on the beach front fringe. In 1985 he joined Peter Morrison's juvenile Australia's Surfing Life (ASL) magazine as an independent then later on held the part of Photo Editor for a long time till 2004.

In that time, as the magazine's symbolism went from quality to super quality, Lee's work as both picture taker and facilitator turned into a call-sign for quality, everywhere throughout the surfing scene from Hawaii to the Honduras. Back gladly as a free operator nowadays, the legend lives on from coaching many quality picture takers, as well as through his own photography and still sharp eye. Companion to all he meets, the accommodating Aussie passes by various names "Enormous Dog", "Pegasaurus" and, yet to dear companions and drinking acquaintances, "The Sultan".


Surfboard Artists

Source: Dave Sparkes

 Dave Sparkes

Surfboard artists Dave Sparkes had his first photos distributed 22 years back in the famous Australian magazine, Surfing World. From that point forward he has been distributed everywhere throughout the world, in US Surfer, Surfing, Fluir, Beach Brother, Surf Session, Surfers Path, Surfer Rule and so forth.

He was the spread photographic artist for the 2005 Surfer Photo Annual, and is contracted to Tracks magazine as senior picture taker/writer. His specialty is the story/photograph bundle, and he has secured subjects with words and pictures as various as the 2004 Boxing Day tidal wave, travel highlights on imperilled orang-utans, WCT surfer profiles and World Heritage recorded Fraser Island. His specific photographic forte is shooting from the water, and he has as of late idealized a method for outwardly bisecting the tube, as highlighted on the front of Issue #18 of the prestigious Water Magazine.

Dave has shot promoting work for various organizations, and he has captured magazine covers in the US, UK, Australia and Spain. He is one of Rip Curl's favoured picture takers, having finished numerous assignments for all of them over the world.

He is one of just a modest bunch of surf picture takers ever to create a photo from behind a surfer in the tube.


Surfboard Artists

Source: Rod Owens

 Rod Owens

Surfboard artists Rod Owens began shooting around 10 years back. Firstly, with film then advancing to stills. Brought up in suburbia of the 'steel city' Newcastle, NSW, Australia, he finely tuned his shooting aptitudes with any semblance of Travis Lynch, Garth McGregor and Matt Hoy accumulating at the substantial reef breaks of the area.

He then proceeded onward to further his insight at the widely acclaimed photographic/expressions establishment "RMIT" in Melbourne. Where computerised and top of the line modifying abilities were gained. While in transit to a degree in Commercial Photography. These days he goes to shoot when required for surf article/promoting occupations, and when he is not shooting surf he is a Photographic Digital Operator and Assistant in the Sydney Fashion Industry.

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