A Guide to Surfing Sri Lanka

A Guide to Surfing Sri Lanka

Let me act as your guide to Surfing Sri Lanka... Sri Lanka is a surfing dreamland for surfers all over the world. Whether you’re a short boarder, long boarder, knee boarder or body boarder, there are waves for all board types and abilities. From shallow reef barrels, to long lazy peeling rides, Sri Lanka has a variety of waves for every type of surfer.

Sri Lanka picks up swell on both southwest and east coasts. Depending what time of the year you are heading to Sri Lanka will determine which coast to head to. The peak surf season in the southwest is from the end of October to early April. Winds are offshore, waves are clean, swell is consistent and rain is limited. If you are travelling after April then the east coast will provide the best surfing and weather conditions as the season shifts up to the southeast. Arugam Bay is a safe bet in this season.

If you are still planning your trip, read Where to Go on your First Surf Trip for some surf destination inspiration. Here are five must go spots when surfing Sri Lanka:


Surfing Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa offers left and right-handers from the main (deep) reef. Long left-handers can be had at the north jetty by the harbour wall. The beach break to the left is also very good; peaks all up the beaches with different sections. The surf is consistently 2-3 foot and clean but always Check the Forecast to avoid disappointment. The breaks in Hikkaduwa are always fairly overcrowded, but asides from surfing, Hikkaduwa offers the opportunities to feed turtles in the day, and party throughout the night.


Surfing Midigama, Sri Lanka

Midigama is the main spot for surf, and features two good reef breaks. Lazy left’s is a mellow left-hander on a deep reef; a perfect spot to get used to surfing reef breaks. Ram’s right is the second break, on a much shallower reef. It’s a short, powerful right-hander that offers clean barrels.

Conditions here can be quite challenging, so surfers should make sure they know How to Read Waves before attempting to surf this spot.

Surfing Sri Lanka Midigama


Surfing Weligama, Sri Lanka

Weligama is the perfect spot for beginners and a great place to learn to surf. Although often overcrowded, Weligama features lefts and rights depending on the tides. The wave can be slack and slow but offers long rides that are faultless for practising on. An increase in surf schools and board rentals has made Weligama the go to spot for beginners.

Surfing Sri Lanka Weligama


Surfing Kabalana, Sri Lanka

Kabalana, also known as the rock, is an A-frame reef break that features a steep take off. It is a powerful break that can be surfed left and right by the more advanced surfer. Best surfed at dawn when there is low wind and clean glassy waves. Be sure to check out the local fisherman on their stilts.

Fishing Surfing Sri Lanka Kabalana


Surfing Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Mirissa offers a weak right/left hander over a reef that can become very shallow when the tide is low. The beach is beautifully shaped and surrounded by palm trees. It often picks up less surf than other spots, so why not work your body physically and mentally by trying out some yoga while you wait for those swells to build.

Surfing Sri Lanka small Mirissa

Sri Lanka consistently produces good fun waves of all shape and sizes for beginners all the way through to professional surfers, making it the perfect surfing destination no matter your ability. If you’re in need of some more persuading to embark on your next trip, see Amazing Health Benefits of Surfing to make you feel less guilty about booking those flights.

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