Where to Go on your First Surf Trip

Where to Go on your First Surf Trip

Want to know where to go on your first surf trip? We've taken the liberty to highlight some well known and not so well known surf spots across the globe. So if you've got the bank roll to jet set to the other side of the planet or are thinking of a good old fashioned road trip, here are a few ideas to get you started.


Costa Rica

Any list of surf spots around the world will have to include Costa Rica, and as this is a list for your first trip what could be more fun than Jaco? The beaches are known as one of the best places in the world for beginners with sand bottom breaks and good waves at high tide. Jaco also boasts casinos, clubs and bars to keep you going into the night.

The De Haan Hostel is a favourite for backpackers.


But if heavy partying isn't your speed, Manuel Antonio & Quepos are good stops. Two towns, Manuel at the top of the mountain and Quepos at the bottom. You can expect chest high waves at Manuel Antonio on a beach much less crowded than Jaco, while Quepos is an all or nothing. Somedays 1ft, somedays 10ft. As you can travel between the towns for less than $1, it could be just the kind of stop on your trip worth making.

If you want to take in the sights of Costa Rica, stay at the Vista Serena in Manuel Antonio.




In France you have two huge destinations only 20km (12 miles) apart from each other. Soorts-Hossegor, where the Quiksilver Pro France is held every year in September or to the south Biarritz, the birth-site of European surfing. Soorts-Hossegor is a world reknowned spot, so if you can make it on your surf trip, go for it! However it's a punishing break that can snap boards and spirits. So if you're looking for a good time, Cote de Basque in Biarritz might get crowded but how many times can you say you've surfed underneath a castle?

The Surf Hostel Bed and Breakfast throw in a bike and board with your room. Can't say fairer.


Further down the road is Lafitenia, a sheltered beach deep in Basque region pulls a right hander that can reel for 250m. Just the other side is a left called Plage de Mayarco, or Peyo's Left. Working down the coast you'll find yourself close enough to head over to San Sebastian, keeping your trip going for even longer.




Now when talking about Indonesia, I wont be surprising anyone by mentioning Bali. However as it's your first trip you might want to look afield to Sumatra, on Air Manis Beach out west you'll find sand breaks that pump out all day. Perfect fun waves and only 30 mins outside of Padang means it's an ideal spot for a trip with mates.

That is if you like to take it slow. Brigitte's House in Padang is a great place to stay.


Of course there are places in Bali, like Legian which is sand bottom and giving out rights and lefts, with easy access to a crazy nightlife in town. Just make sure to have a coldy in the shade once in a while or else you might burn up. It's a bit less manic than Kuta, but still expect crowded beaches.

If you do want to try Kuta it's a 20 min cab journey. There are plenty places to stay but you might not find your dollar going further than a stay at Captain Goose.


 This is by no means a comprehensive list but just a couple ideas for you to think about when you're planning your next trip. Maybe you want to hit the big name beaches or find somewhere undiscovered, perhaps you want somewhere with a pumping nightlife or a remote village that takes surfing seriously. There are any number of spots you can go on your first surf trip and none of them wrong, unless it's flat. Then it was a bad stop.  

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