How to put Together a Skateboard

How to put Together a Skateboard

Getting a brand new skateboard is an exciting time, especially if its your first! Expect you’ve opened the box and the board isn’t even put together! Don’t fear, below we will look at how to put your skateboard together. Putting your own board together allows you to be familiar with each component, gives you the option to pick and choose between individual components and allows you to fine tune each component as you see fit.

How to Put Together a Skateboard 
Materials In your box, ensure you have all the correct materials. You should have:

  • Gripped deck
  • 2X Trucks with hardware
    • Each truck requires 4 screws, four nuts, 4 axle washers and two lock nuts
    • 4X Wheels
    • Make sure all of them are the same, don’t mix and match.
  • 8X Bearings
    • Two fit inside each wheel
  • Adjustable wrench, or skate tool
    • Should adjust to 3/8”
  • Phillips Screwdriver, or skate tool
Put Together a Skateboard

Mounting the Trucks

If newly gripped, you’ll want to start by poking screw holes through the grip tape and into the deck with a screwdriver or Allen key. Apply pressure around where the hole will be made with your fingers, however be careful not to poke them. You then need to put all eight screws into the holes. Flip the board over so the bottom is facing up and insert each of the trucks onto the screws through the baseplate.

The kingpin and the bushings of each truck should be facing inwards, towards the other. The kingpin is the bolt that runs through the centre of the skateboard and holds the trucks together. Bushings are the rubbery rings that surround the kingpin and keep it connected to the trucks.

The bushings provide the flex and springiness of the truck which allows for turning. A tighter kingpin results in harder turning and a looser kingpin makes it easier to turn. This comes down to personal preference.  

Attach the hardware nuts to the screws then fasten the screws so they are secure.

Put Together a Skateboard

Install Bearings

Installing the bearings into the wheels can be one of the hardest parts of the setup. Be specifically careful when handling the bearings as they are very delicate. Flip your board onto the side and slide a bearing onto one of the trucks axles which is facing upwards.

Then place a wheel on top of the bearing. Press the bearing so it slides into the socket of the wheel. Once it slides in, flip the wheel over and repeat the process. So each wheel will have two bearings. Do this for all 4 wheels.

Put Together a Skateboard

Attach the Wheels to the Trucks

Set the board on its side. Slide one washer onto the axle, slide on the wheel, and then slide on the other washer. The washers are used to help the wheel’s spin smoothly.

Then securely tighten the locknut. Repeat this for all 4 wheels. Be sure not to tighten them too tight or too loosely.

This is also something you are able to change in the future depending on how much movement you like while skating.

Now you are ready to hit the streets! Alternatively, you can buy a custom board which comes ready for you to hit the streets. Either way, make sure you enjoy it!

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