Where to Skateboard in Sydney

Sydney is a great city to skateboard. Here is a list of some of the fun, easy to access and challenging places to skateboard in Sydney.

Martin Place
Martin Place is one of the most popular places to skateboard in Sydney. Located in the heart of the CBD, Martin Place is very easy to access by public transport. The area features ledges, drops, gaps and sets. The ‘Martin 10’ is a set of ten steps with a double tube handrail with a kink at the end. The 4 steps of the amphitheatre are known as ‘The Pit’. Located behind the Lloyd Rees Fountain, there are 8 stairs with a handrail. One downside is that many of the ledges have skate stoppers however most of the wooden benches do not. The area is very busy during weekdays due to business workers so its best to skate at night or on the weekends.

Skateboard in Sydney

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Chifley’s Square
Located right near Martin Place, where Elizabeth Street turns into Phillip Street. Chifley Square is also very easy to access from Martin Place station. The square boasts a heap of stairs, ledges, rails and blocks which are great to ollie over. Just like Martin Place, it is very busy during the weekdays so best to hit it up over the weekends.

Waterloo Fernside Skatepark
Waterloo is the first full street style skate plaza in Sydney. It has a super smooth surface with blocks, ledges, rails, stairs, a flat bar, corner bank, steep wall and a mini ramp. It was designed by local skaters, for the local skaters. It is located on Elizabeth Street, Waterloo. Only a short skate from Green Square train station. Alternatively, there are a number of bus stops located nearby.

Skateboard in Sydney

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Bondi Skatepark
Bondi Skatepark is well known for the Bondi Bowl. A 12-foot-deep and 5-foot shallow bowl. It is one of, if not, the best Vert bowl in the country. The tight corner makes it a challenge for any level of skater. Bondi Skatepark can get very busy, especially on the weekends or public holidays.

The street course doesn’t have the best layout, adding to the congestion. Located just off the sands of Bondi Beach, it is easily accessed by catching a bus. This is where the pro's come to refine their skills. 

Skateboard in Sydney

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Cammeray Plaza Skatepark
Cammeray Plaza is a great place to skateboard in Sydney. It has a great set up, suitable for for beginners of experts. It boasts banks, drops, gaps, ledges, manual pads, rails and stairs. The best way to get there is to get a train to North Sydney and skate down.

Skateboard in Sydney

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Monster Skatepark
Monster Skatepark is home to the only international ramp facility in Australia. It is great for wet days with an indoor street course. It also has an outdoor vert and mini ramps. One downside is that it does cost $15 per session or $30 for an all day pass. Helmets are also compulsory and can be hired for an additional $6.

They also offer lessons for those looking for one on one coaching and they have a shop to purchase all your skating needs. Located at Sydney Olympic Park, the easiest way is to get a train or bus to Olympic Park station.

Skateboard in Sydney

Source: http://www.monsterpark.com.au/__data/assets/image/0017/131048/varieties/664.jpg

Throughout all the suburbs of Sydney there are great skate parks. There might even be one near you! Its so fun and easy to skateboard in Sydney. So grab a board, find the park and go practice those skills!

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