Amazing Health Benefits of skateboarding

Amazing Health Benefits of skateboarding

Although many would consider it as a dangerous and defiant sport, there are many health benefits of skateboarding. It is probably one sport parents would never willingly give the nod to, but then every sport has its risk – football, wrestling, rugby or even pole vaulting.

Often, having experience is often a determinant of how much the person enjoys the sport, the positive implications of participation largely outweighs the negative impacts.



This is in fact the most important skill you need to excel at this sport, and it only gets better with time. Skateboarding requires excellent coordination between your arms, legs, feet, and eyes. Being coordinated has its advantages, both in skateboarding and other sports. Your driving, climbing, and multitasking skills also get better with sound coordination.


Fitness and overall health

Like every other sport, skateboarding improves the body’s physical shape and helps to burn calories. Although the exact amount cannot be calculated, an average of 150 - 500 calories is burnt per hour depending on the size of the person. In fact, skateboarding burns more calories than many other physical activities we engage in. In addition, skateboarding reduces the risk of developing many health conditions like obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. Skateboarding also reduces triglyceride levels and increases ‘good’ cholesterol, thus decreasing your chances of getting cardiovascular-related diseases


Pain acceptance



This is often the reason why many parents frown at the idea of skateboarding, but it has a positive side to it too. At first, it is normal to fear hurt. However, this quickly goes away with practice. Bruises, aches, pain, scrapes, bumps, and scars are almost inevitable, but the love we have for the sport far outweighs the pain. Although some injuries are a lot harder to deal with, the frequency of the pain often teaches tolerance. It is advisable to take necessary safety precautions like wearing protective gears.


The act of falling

One of the skills you have to learn in skateboarding is how to avoid falling, or falling properly. This will help in the prevention of future injuries. Falling is normal if you are just starting, however, as you progress, you learn how not to fall and to fall in less painful ways and how to avoid injuries. This is often a result of coordination, concentration, and reflexes which can only get better as you skate.


Stress Relief

Skateboarding can help relieve your mind and body of stress and disturbances. Skateboarding will take burdens off your mind while you focus on performing a trick or stunt. Completing those tricks also helps to boost self-confidence, and gives a sense of fulfillment. Skateboarding with others also relieves boredom and can be serious fun.


Precision and reflexes

Skateboarding requires a lot of body movements—your arms for balance, your feet, waist, and legs. This applies to your balances as well. The tricks pulled by many pros are often the result of many failed attempts. When you try a trick and it fails, you try again, making adjustments to feet placement, timing, speed, and coordination.

This also has impact on perseverance levels of skateboarders. The health benefits of skateboarding which will often help in other sports like snowboarding and surfing.

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