Top 10 ideas for health promotional products

Top 10 ideas for health promotional products

Health promotional products consist of different fitness and health products that can be used for your company’s promotional campaign. Each of the items can be branded with your business’s information, logo, and name and given away at trade shows to clients and customers.


Body Massagers




Many types of body massagers exist, depending on personal needs and preferences. Common types include body massager, handheld massager, and personal massagers, and can all be branded with your business information. During trade shows, you can set up the promotional or corporate foot massage for passersby to try so you can get their attention.



If your business focuses on young adults, customized condoms may be a great idea for promotional giveaways. The sachet can be customized with your company’s information.


First Aid Kits

health promotional products


First aid kits are acceptable with everyone and make excellent health promotional products when branded with your company’s name and logo. Most of the promotional first aid kits are handy and perfect for an on-the-go person. The items packed in the kits makes sure you can take care of yourself during emergencies.

Fitness Items

A medical company or gym will find the different types of promotional fitness items an excellent promotional medium for advertising their businesses at parties, events, or for merchandise items.



Pedometers make excellent promotional giveaways to athletes. They have sufficient branding space for company’s information and logo. People who enjoy taking walks and athletes would find it perfect for monitoring steps and progress.


Pill Dispenser




Promotional pill dispensers and customized pill cases are ideal for private doctor practice or pharmaceutical companies. They can be used for advertisement after getting branded or personalized with the company’s logo, name, and business information.


Promotional Water Bottle

A perfect way to kick start your advertisement campaign is by distributing customized water bottles. They come in 350ml and 600ml bottle sizes and would be an excellent giveaway to athletes and school students.


Sports Bag

Sports bags can make a good impression on your promotional campaign. They are perfect who live an active lifestyle and can house items ranging from sports kits to clothing items. Sports bags come in various designs and sizes and can be customized or branded with your company’s information for promotional purposes.

Sports Towel

Custom branded sports towel is an excellent promotional item for gyms, hotels, schools, varsity, and sports businesses. Towels are cheap and can be branded with your company’s name and logo. These towels are perfect for the beach, during games, or working out and would be a great giveaway to your clients during a trade show or event.


Wrist and head Bands



If you are in the health and fitness industry, then promotional headband is an excellent idea for promotional giveaways. They can be specially customized to your taste and branded with your company’s logo or name. Check out our article on the types of promotional sunscreens.
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