12 Top Ideas for Fitness Promotional Products

12 Top Ideas for Fitness Promotional Products

Fitness promotional products are excellent ways of projecting a healthy image for a company. You can have the products branded with your business name and logo to promote your next trade show or ad campaign.


Ideas for fitness promotional products


BMI and body measure


fitness promotional products


BMI (Body mass index) and Body measures work efficiently for getting the actual value of body measures. It also comes with a BMI calculator. They can be used effectively as a promotional gift giveaway after getting branded by your company’s advert details.


BMI calculator

With the BMI calculator, you can precisely measure your body mass index to support your training programs. Values range from underweight, healthy, overweight, and obese.


Branded Yoga Mat

Another excellent idea for fitness promotional products is the Branded Yoga Mat. This is particularly suitable for fitness and yoga companies. The mat comes with nylon and meshes carry bag for holding the Yoga mat. It also features an adjustable carry strap and a drawstring closure.


Bronx Armband



Bronx armbands can come with either blue or red trim with a matching light. This light is set to stay noticeable when you’re walking, running, or biking. Its velcro straps allow it to stay firm around your arm during exercises.


Colored skipping rope

The skipping rope comes with various color variations and is excellent options for workouts.  The colored handle can be customized with your brand’s logo.


 Customized muscle balm tube

Muscle balms are used for soothing achy and tired muscles. It is an effective promotional product can bear your company’s logo and push your campaigns during trade shows and corporate fun days.


Customized Exercise Band

Exercise bands are used for total body workout, especially the arm and inner thighs. The band is made from latex, compact and can be carried anywhere.


Exercise Fitness Ball

Exercise fitness ball is excellent for working out the back muscles and can help relieve back pains. It is burst resistant and can be used for both outdoor and indoor use. It is a worthy replacement for many exercise routines.


Jay stretch expander

Jay Stretch Expanders come with a length of 45cm and has foam handles. It is designed in a way that it fits comfortably in your hands. It is a good way to build up strength and muscle.


Muscle pack

Another perfect idea for fitness promotional products, you can hand out muscle packs to customers after exercise workouts or sporting match. It can be the hot or cold pack featuring your company’s branding.


Trace Led light

The Trace led lights are quality safety lights that can be set to blink or remain constant.


Legend Balance Bands

With up to seven different colors, legend balance band is a cost effective promotional product that can be branded with your business name or logo. It is made of silicon and a gel bracelet with ions to help with balance. You can also read about promotional sunglasses here.
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