4 Types of Promotional Sunglasses

4 Types of Promotional Sunglasses

Promotional sunglasses have over the years proved to be an effective way of advertising summer and outdoor events, trade fairs and brands. They are often given out as gifts, sold for fundraising for a group, or as a concession item. They have the team’s logo printed on the stem, or sometimes on the lenses. Some prefer, however, to have the imprint on cases, bags, or holders, and can carry personalized messages. Depending on the style and design, there are four basic types of promotional sunglasses, with each having many fantastic and attractive designs.  


Sport sunglasses 


The features of sports sunglasses stand out with the plastic half frames. It has a curved rather than straight stem to allow it to stay firmly on the wearer, especially during sporting sessions. The design of sports sunglasses prevents them from falling off the face. Athletes, hikers, bikers, and casual sportsmen use the glasses more often than other people.  


Aviator sunglasses

types of promotional sunglasses


These sunglasses were originally designed for use by pilots for use when flying and were therefore named aviator sunglasses when the style was invented. The design of the aviator sunglasses is highlighted by the thin wire frame and in between the lens is a double or triple bridge. The lenses are dark and were originally made to let in 15 percent light. The aviator sunglasses had a unique design that made it a popular demand especially with adults above the age of 20.


Novelty glasses



These set of sunglasses have a design that stands out as unusual, eccentric, or sometimes artistic. They do not always follow the conventional design of sunglasses. They are often made from plastic materials and may have artworks, and a uniquely designed frame or lenses.

The frames may be specially molded, or have specially shaped lenses like hearts, flower, or clover leaves. Novelty sunglasses are common among teens and children and are usually worn during holiday celebrations and masquerading.


Fashion or casual sunglasses


Almost every other type of promotional sunglasses falls into this category. The frames can be made from plastic or metal materials. The lenses can come in different shapes like square, oval, round, and asymmetrical. The sizes often vary from small to oversize, covering up to six times the area of the eyeball.

These glasses have a wider appeal and have more customers. Some styles are designed for a specific sex, while some are suitable for both men and women.   The choice of promotional sunglasses are often based on the target market, advertising campaign or the kind of event.

The use of promotional sports sunglasses would be more appropriate for sporting or camping events, while novelty sunglasses would be better for Halloween. Casual promotional sunglasses are often used for kids’ events or ad campaigns. Whatever the needs are, there are different types of promotional sunglasses to fit perfectly.

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