5 Marketing Strategies Using Custom-Branded Shot Skis

5 Marketing Strategies Using Custom-Branded Shot Skis

Custom branded shot ski

5 Marketing Strategies Using Custom-Branded Shot Skis

Shot skis are a great way to promote your business in a unique way, whilst creating a memorable experience for your customers at the same time. The concept of a shot ski is simple: it's a ski with several shot glasses attached to the top, allowing multiple people to take a shot at the same time.


 Here are 5 ways you can use custom-branded shot skis to market your business:


  1. Promoting a bar or beverage launch
  2. Drive visitors to happy hour
  3. Use it as a prop for a viral social media campaign 
  4. Giveaway prizes
  5. Draw in trade show visitors

1. Promoting a new bar or beverage launch

Shot skis are a great way to promote the opening of a new bar or the release of a new alcoholic drink. You can custom brand the entire ski and even the shot glasses themselves, making sure your brand gets noticed. They're effective at catching attention, which makes them great for drink loaders in retail stores or even displayed on a bar wall. There are so many promotional uses for shot skis, which is why they're great for marketing brands.

2. Getting creative at happy hour

Happy hour is a great way to encourage customers to visit at non-peak times. However, it’s getting increasingly difficult to stand out from other bars as more adopt happy-hour specials. With a custom-branded shot ski, you can create special offers for shots bought using the shot ski. 

3. Social media campaigns 

Want to create a viral social media campaign, but not sure how to do it? Why not create a social media campaign where customers have to post a photo using a shot ski with your brand's hashtag? Not only is this a unique way to get people talking about your brand, but it will also encourage more people to do the same. With the rise in short-form content, you can get creative with boomerangs and other types of video content for Instagram stories, reels & even TikToks.

4. Giveaway prize

If you want to run a social media campaign like the above, why not use the shot ski as a giveaway prize? You can let the winner pick the design, as the minimum order is 1 at Disrupt Sports. The demographic of shot ski users is a great fit for social media campaigns, which makes it a suitable marketing channel for giveaways and competitions.

5. Draw in trade show visitors

In order to draw in trade show visitors to your booth, you need something eye-catching and engaging to stand out from the crowd - which is why the shot ski is such a great tool. Entice visitors by offering a shot, it doesn't need to be alcoholic! You don't even need to use it as a functioning shot ski - why not brand the ski with your company name and use it as a banner to grab people's attention?


In conclusion, a shot ski is a unique and fun way to promote your business and create a memorable experience for customers. With the right approach, a shot ski can be a powerful tool to increase brand awareness and drive more business. Whether you're hosting an event, using it as a promotional tool, giving it away as a prize, using it as a prop for photo opportunities or as a conversation starter, a shot ski can help you to stand out from the crowd and be remembered.

Where to buy custom-branded shot skis

At Disrupt Sports, we offer custom-branded shot skis, with no minimum order quantity! You can even choose between a faux or a real ski, depending on your budget & promotional needs. To get a quote, drop us an email or live chat now!

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