Personalized Business Stickers

Personalized Business Stickers and Why They Work

Personalized business stickers are a great way for your business to reach a wider audience. These can be custom designed just how you like them, meaning you can attract the customers you want to. Branded stickers can be hugely beneficial for your company, and we're going to explain how.

They are more permanent than a business card

Though I'm sure you're already familiar with the concept of stickiness, the beauty of personalized business stickers is that once you put them somewhere, they stay there. This is in contrast to other methods of advertising such as business cards, which are filed away and forgotten at the back of someone's wallet, or simply thrown in the bin. Your stickers will stay put for longer, meaning more eyes see them, and more people know about your company.

You can reach more places

This is where stickiness comes in real handy. You can put your stickers on just about anything. Stick them on wall – legally, of course. No vandalism please. Stick them on a car. Stick them on your forehead. Wherever you want to advertise, you can put a sticker. Think about your target market, and use personalized business stickers at places they frequent.
Personalized business stickers can go anywhere Personalized business stickers can go anywhere

They can be portable

It is an incredibly simple concept, but it's one that can really work. Putting a business sticker on a car means that, obviously, everywhere that car goes, your advertisement goes. Everyone who drives behind it learns about your business. Everyone who walks past it in a car park learns about your business. Putting a business sticker on a surfboard means that everywhere that guy goes surfing, hundreds of beach goers might be looking at your company logo. Quite simply, more people know you exist, which improves your chance of making sales.

Customers can buy them!

This is a great benefit of a sticker over a business card. Make your custom made sticker look good, and not only will people learn about and remember your brand or product, but they are likely to want to buy them themselves. This is particularly relevant for companies marketing promo items for college sports, as stickers tend to be popular amongst this age group. If a few college students put your sticker on their car, not only does it mean they are an advocate for your product, but it means you are getting a lot of extra coverage. For free!
People love putting personalized business stickers on their cars People love putting personalized business stickers on their cars
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