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How it's Made: Promotional Surfboards

Branding surfboards is a unique and innovative way to enhance your brand and connect with your audience. At BRANDED. by Disrupt, our promotional surfboards are created exactly to their design specification to ensure you get the most from your campaign. We pride ourselves on producing a quality of product that reflects the quality of your brand. To show the standard of our craft, we want to show the production processes of our athlete-ready promo equipment. The Design Process: Every company we work with has the opportunity to collaborate with one of our in-house designers, completely free of charge. You can work with our designers to draft the design and branding of the board, both front and back, as well as the positioning of brand logos or information. We allow full customisation of the design, size and shape of the product to guarantee the best results for your brand. The Production Process: Once you’re happy with the design, our team of locally sourced shapers will get to work creating the promo surfboard. shapers-2-min All of our boards start life as a block of polyurethane foam. Our shapers will cut the form of the board using a CNC machine before sanding the blank to specification. Each board is then laminated during the glassing process; in which fibreglass cloth is smoothed with a resin and left to create the boards hard rubber texture. glassing-shaping-process Then, our shapers add the carefully designed inlays. The inlays show the branding, logos, patterns and images. The final designs are printed onto a silk/polymer mesh fabric with UV resistant inks to a detail of at least 300DPI. The branded fabrics are laid onto the board and hardened with layers of resin. The Result: Now the promotional detail is imprinted, the board is buffed and sanded. We can then carefully ship the board to its destination. In the past, our branded surfboards have been used in giveaways, competitions, product launches, displays, and retail. Branding sporting equipment offers companies the chance to connect with their audience on a personal level. You can see some examples below.
Disrupt_Sports_Surfing_RedBalloon Red Balloon made good use of our promo surfboard as they broke the world record for the largest ever surf session.
Disrupt_Sports_Surfing_CancerCouncil Cancer Council's 'Gotcha Covered' campaign. With Disrupt promo surfboards and skateboards.
Disrupt_Sports_Surfboards_BondiBathers Bondi Born Australia used our promo boards as part of their advertising campaign.
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