list of summer sports

List of Summer sports equipment perfect for Branding

Summer means the weather is warmer, and that you do not have to leave the house in thick jackets or overalls. Whether you are a lover of intense or calming activities, you can play around and get active. The following is a list of summer sports and their equipment that can be branded for your promotional campaign. Although some of the sports are fun for any season, they are particularly enjoyable in warmer climates.

Table Tennis

Table tennis or ping-pong is more of an indoor sport and can be played in the summer. The ping-pong table, paddle, and ball can be customized with your company’s name and logo.


Considered America’s favorite sports, baseball is a summer sport that fans can either enjoy watching or playing. The baseball and the baseball bat can be branded.

Hockey sticks

Both ground hockey and field hockey are hot weather sports. Fans of hockey usually play in groups on empty or deserted streets using hockey sticks and pucks.


This sport is somewhat similar to the baseball, only there is a bigger ball and a smaller field.


Also called football, soccer is another summer sport that gets fans screaming in excitement. Soccer boots, jerseys, and balls are used in playing the sport and can be branded for your campaign.


This is perhaps not a sport for everybody, but if you near the ocean, then you might get to enjoy the thrills of catching waves. You can read about how personalized surfboards are made here.


Summer is a good time of the year to pick your personalized bike and go on a ride alone or with other friends.


For those who are good at the sport, the game of handball is a great way to catch fun during summer. It is also an Olympic sport and can be played both indoors and outdoors.


This is certainly a sport for only the brave-hearted. If you love adventures and the thrills that come with the sport, then grab your climbing gear and get on.


Golf sticks and balls, a good course, and you are set to play the game. Be careful not to lose focus and watch your swings.


This sport can be played as a team, on any field during the summer months. The rugby ball can be branded for promotional purposes.


This intensely competitive sport demands teamwork and focus. Grab your ball, get your team and engage in the sport.

Lawn Tennis

Lawn tennis is played with the tennis ball and tennis racket. You can read about how branded tennis balls are made here.
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