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5 Strategic Marketing Ideas that Engage Fans

Keeping fans engaged is one of the most important jobs for any sports team. Fans are the lifeblood of all major sports, and without them the landscape would be extremely different - and not in a positive way. Here's a list of 5 strategic marketing ideas that engage fans.

1. Share Highlights

A hugely effective way of ensuring fans remain engaged is to expose them to your team or league even in the absence of a game. This means that, rather than simply watching a game for 2 hours a week and then forgetting about it, fans are continually reminded of the game and why they like it. A great way to do this is to share highlights of previous games. Not only does this ensure fans are continually exposed to the sport, but highlights remind them of the best elements of it, and why they love it.

Sharing highlights is one of many strategic marketing ideas that engage fans Kawhi Leonard shares a highlight of his own

2. Use social media

For any company, in any industry, this is a vital part of marketing. Social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, can be used to directly communicate with fans. This allows fans to feel as though they are directly involved with the sport or team, which inevitably increases engagement. Social media can be used in various ways, including by sharing highlights, as illustrated in point 1.

3. Improve the match-day experience

For many sports fans, simply watching the team or sport they love is entertainment enough. In order to really take things to the next level, however, it is important to engage the more casual supporters. A great way to do this is to ensure the match-day experience is as good as it can be. This can be done by having entertainment during breaks in play, or directly involving fans in the crowd - the infamous 'KissCam' is an example of this.

4. Give insights into popular players

Fans love to know the intimate details of the lives of their favourite players. Though many star sportsmen and women may not feel comfortable divulging the most personal of details, simple pieces of information can be sufficient to engage supporters. These can be facts as basic as favourite music, food, or hobbies.

5. Show appreciation for your supporters!

Though it may seem strange, showing your fans that you appreciate their involvement can be a terrific way to ensure their continued involvement. This can be done in a variety of ways. Players mentioning their love of playing in front of a raucous home crowd is one simple, yet effective, example. It highlights the tangible impact of attendance, and can help to make supporters feel they can make a quantifiable difference to their team.

Showing appreciation for your supporters is one of many great strategic marketing ideas that engage fans Peyton Manning shows his appreciation for his supporters
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