Effective Marketing Ideas can help to fill out your club stadium

10 Effective Marketing Ideas for Sports Teams

Every sports player deserves to have someone watching them. Maybe you're not the most talented player or team in the world, but you commit time and effort to playing a sport, and it's nice to have that recognised by at least a few people. To help make this a reality, it's important for teams of all levels to dedicate some time to developing effective marketing ideas. To give you a head start, we've compiled a list of our top 10.

1. Use Social Media

As technology becomes an increasingly pervasive force in everyday life, the importance of using social media to develop awareness about your team heightens. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram - all of these are simple and effective ways to help grow your team's following.

Effective marketing ideas include social media

2. Create a newsletter

Another simple method, and one which really works. Creating a newsletter helps give fans and potential fans an idea of what's happening at your club. This helps to develop a connection between the fan base and the team, and increasing fans' investment and dedication to the club.

3. Develop a website

This point essentially combines ideas 1 and 2. A website is a great way to give supporters access to your club without having to leave their living room

4. Create a raffle

Creating a raffle is a great way to actively engage with fans, and give them the opportunity to be rewarded for their support. Depending on the size of your club, the winner could receive anything from a new car to a $10 voucher at McDonalds. The prize isn't the important thing - what is more important is showing an interest in fans, and allowing them to involve themselves in the club.

5. Sell club merchandise

Creating club merchandise, be it in the form of beanies, jumpers, or sports equipment, can help to get fans more involved. It gives them an empirical way to support the club, and what's more, can put a little more money in the club kitty if executed properly.

Selling club merchandise is another of many effective marketing ideas Barcelona sells lots of club merchandise, and look how successful they are! 

6. Hand out flyers

Many people may shudder at this prospect, as well all know how annoying it can be to be hassled by people wanting to sell their products or services. However, it can actually serve your club very well if you accurately identify your target market. Flyers can give out information about upcoming games, ensuring more people are aware of when and where you are playing.

7. Advertise on TV or radio

Obviously this is money-dependant, and for many clubs it may not be realistic. For those who can afford it though, this is as good a way as any to market your club.

8. Tell your friends

Perhaps the most straightforward of all the effective marketing ideas on this list. Every club in the world consists of players, coaches, support staff, and that old guy who always seems to be hanging around. If every one of these people tells five of their friends to come to your next game, it's going to seriously improve your crowds.

9. Involve yourself in the community

The community is full of potential supporters of your club. Engage with them. This can be done in a number of ways, and can be as simple as hosting a barbecue.

10. Win games

This may sound harsh, and perhaps unrealistic for some, but there is no better way to develop support than to be successful. New supporters won't remain supporters for long if they turn up and see your team get belted. Of course, some teams are simply not in a competitive stage. If this is you, utilising many different marketing ideas can still be effective. Start to win, though, and watch this effectiveness skyrocket.

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