Social media is a great way to grow a small business

11 Promotions to Grow a Small Business

Anyone who has worked in for one will know that finding ways to grow a small business is one of its greatest difficulties. Competing with other organisations with more money for marketing space can at times seem like an insurmountable challenges. To help you out, we've created a list of 11 promotions to grow a small business.

1. Create a newsletter

Creating a newsletter is a cheap and easy way to reach potential customers, and inform about your business. All it takes is a bit of printing money, and a little spare time.

2. Provide discounts for loyalty

For most small business, giving away things for cheap might be the last thing you want to do. Make it a reward for continued loyalty to your brand, though, and it might just reward you in the long run.

3. Brand a surfboard

This may seem out of the box, but branding your name or logo on sports equipment can be a terrific way to get people to notice you. A surfboard is one of the best options for this – they have ample space, they are seen by lots of eyes, and perhaps most importantly, people think they are cool. This will create a positive association for your company, and help you draw in new customers. Branded surfboards are a great way to grow a small business

4. Form alliances

Whatever industry you are in, there are likely other businesses which share a similar target market, but with whom you aren't directly in competition. Figure out how to join forces, through developing deals, advertising for one another, or any number of other ways, and you'll increase your market share.

5. Sell your own branded equipment

If you're in hospitality, sell mugs with your logo on it. If you own a small clothes shop, sell t-shirts with your company name on it. Usually small business will only need a few, so it won't break the bank, but can be an effective tool to grow your brand.

6. Brand a basketball

Another great piece of sporting equipment to put your company logo on. Basketball's are a great place to advertise because, quite simply, they are everywhere. Often, people play with them in public spaces, which means more people see them, and more people know your name.

7. Get active on social media

Like it or loathe it, the world we live in today demands all businesses have a presence on social media. This is where a large portion of the world spends a large portion of their lives, and it is an easy and cheap way to spread the word about your company

8. Advertise through direct mail

The thought of junk mail is likely to send shivers down a few readers' spines, but it can be a highly effective tool. Though a majority of people your mail reaches will simply discard it, for a small business it is a win if you can gain even one new customer. This new customer then has a social network, which can mean more customers, and so on. Direct mail can be a great way to grow a small business

9. Brand dumbbells

Another left-field promotional idea, but these are a great piece of sporting equipment on which to advertise. If you can get your small business name into a couple of small gyms, it can reach a huge number of people. People will see these while they are working out, the endorphins are buzzing, and they are feeling good. This will again create a positive association with your brand.

10. Start a blog

Another easy, and cheap way to get your business known. All you need for a blog is a little bit of spare time, and you're there. Setting it up is simple, and before you know it you've got even more of an online presence.

11. Sell coupons

In a similar vein to number 2, this may be the last thing on your mind when you work for a small business. Coupons can ultimately help you to grow your brand, as you provide incentive for potential customers to come and try out your things. The next step is making sure they have a reason to come back. Coupons can be a great way to grow a small business
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