• What Custom Boxing Gloves Does Floyd Mayweather Use?
    September 17, 2019
    by Antonio

    Floyd Mayweather is a legendary boxer hailing from the USA. Some fighters look at him as an idol, and it’s no wonder! He has held world titles in five weight classes. A lot of the people ask the question, what boxing gloves does Floyd Mayweather use?   Floyd wears some of the best custom boxing gloves when it comes to quality. The gloves in […]

  • September 16, 2019
    by Antonio

    Conor McGregor is a legendary MMA fighter that is always ready to make history. Once he debuted on the UFC scene, he quickly became notorious for his pre-game show-offs that were coupled with amazing fighting skills. He also is proficient in boxing, starting with the training when he was 12 years old. History was made when he fought against Floyd Mayweather on 25th […]

  • July 24, 2017
    by Gary E. Custom-Sports Author

    Executive branding is a relatively new concept in marketing. It centres around the idea of using an individual as marketing leverage, rather than the business itself. It utilises the relatively intuitive concept that potential customers are more likely to be drawn to the actions of a person within a business, than the entire business. Personal Branding Essentially, executive branding is the process of developing […]

  • June 12, 2017
    by Gary E. Custom-Sports Author

    Oreo have an amazing incentive programme in place for their US sales team. Employees have the opportunity to earn points on the sales they convert, save up these points, and turn them into awesome rewards. Oreo was able to offer a full range of sports equipment, and because Disrupt Sports have no minimum order quantities, they only ordered the rewards that had been claimed. […]

  • May 1, 2017
    by Gary E. Custom-Sports Author

    How a tennis ball is made may be nothing short of mystery to many. The International Tennis Federation regulates the size, bounce and air content of the tennis balls and ball makers are required to follow the guidelines strictly. The process of making the ball is a careful one, since ball manufacturers that do not pass the test are delisted from the ITF’s approved […]

  • February 14, 2017
    by admin

    Ever wondered how promotional cricket bats are made? Find out about the long process of making top of the range branded cricket equipment. 1. Growing the Wood Cricket bats begin their journey with the planting of a White Willow seed in soil to blossom into the perfect material in 15-20 years’ time. The Willow tree genus is used by almost every manufacturer, with the […]

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