We have partnered up with Tourism Australia to create some unique custom Tourism Australia Embassy surfboards for the Australian Parliament House and the Australian Embassy in the Los Angeles (LA) and New York City (NYC). The cute kangaroo design featured on all the promotional surfboards is an iconic animal that is recognised all over the world. The branded shortboard was designed as a statement piece, created with the best materials and finished with a gloss coating. Looking for an iconic custom designed promotional surfboard?

Partnering up with Dropbox, we created the perfect branding piece for their exhibition in early 2016. The branded 9′ longboard is fully customized with their brand colors and logo. It has a beautiful matte finish on it as well. The promotional longboard was the perfect way to attract people’s attention due to it’s size and eye-catching colour. Thinking of getting a promotional longboard?

Partnering with Aussie local brew Coopers to create 200+ fully custom branded promotional longboards for the Coopers Brewery skateboard giveaway was definitely a highlight in 2016. These skateboards all have custom wheels, trucks, bearings and artwork on both the grip tape and the deck. They were all used as part of a local marketing campaign and were given away as promotional merchandising items in various local pubs across Australia. Want to find out more, or get started?

We have partnered up with Lululemon to create their latest statement piece, a set of 5 promotional surfboards for their new Lululemon Bondi store opening in Bondi Beach. Collaborating with Lulu to create some uniquely branded surfboard designs that will be used as promotional pieces in store has been a great journey. The Canadian Rugby 7s team even managed to drop by to check out the surfboards and the Bondi store.

Just another Friday, breaking world records with surfing Santas and things. Collaborating with Redballoon, Branded. has created uniquely designed promotional surfboards to celebrate their world record event. The promotional surfboards turned out exceptionally well; accreditted to them being crafted locally, of course. Want to learn more or get started?

Partnering up with MadeSYD and local artist Eggyboy, we created a wall of custom branded promotional MadeSYD skateboards to celebrate the two-day fashion festival. Skate culture has long had a voice in fashion trends, so it was no surprise when pro-skaters were lined up doing tricks and airs with the full setup skate decks. All in all, it was a creative and immersive experience. Looking for custom designed promotional surfboards?

Previously, we paired up with Bondi Bathers, a local swimwear brand located in Bondi Beach to create the most eye-catching promotional surfboards. We showed off our custom branded surfboards at the Mercedes Fashion Week (MFA) in 2015. These one-of-a-kind custom surfboards were co-branded with Hello Kitty artwork and models in matching swimsuits for the show. The promotional branded surfboards were a huge success and were featured in several newspapers across Australia. Want to design your own surfboards for your brand?

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