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Soccer Ball

Soccer Ball

Reach your branding goals with a promotional soccer ball. With our custom designed soccer balls, you can go as personalised as you like.

Disrupt SKU: DS_1206_001_05

Product code: 19

Key Features

  • Perfect for: Promotions, Marketing, Big events, Sweepstakes prizes, Competitions
  • Quality Options: Match quality, Training quality, Promo quality

Product Specs

  • Inner lining: cotton & polyester
  • Bladder: Butyl or Latex
  • Outer cover: Polyurethane or PVC
  • Valve: Butyl or Silicone
  • Stitch: Polyester, kevlar or glued
  • Dimensions: 42 - 44cms
  • Product weight: 140 - 150g

Print Options

  • Color Options: PMS Match
  • Printed across the whole net. Up to 10 spot colour design

Lead Time: 2-4 weeks

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