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Soccer Ball

Soccer Ball

Reach your branding goals with a promotional soccer ball. With our custom designed soccer balls, you can go as personalised as you like.

Key Features

  • Perfect for: Promotions, Marketing, Big events, Sweepstakes prizes, Competitions
  • Quality Options: Match quality, Training quality, Promo quality

Product Specs

  • Inner lining: cotton & polyester
  • Bladder: Butyl or Latex
  • Outer cover: Polyurethane or PVC
  • Valve: Butyl or Silicone
  • Stitch: Polyester, kevlar or glued
  • Dimensions: 42 - 44cms
  • Product weight: 140 - 150g

Print Options

  • Color Options: PMS Match
  • Printed across the whole net. Up to 10 spot colour design
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Additional Information

But how much is a promotional soccer ball?

As all designs and locations are different we need a couple of detail from you, simply fill out the form, email us or live chat now.

Need help designing?

Send us your logo, branding guideline, imagery or any inspiration you have, and we will create some concepts and mock ups for you.