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Frisbee Jam

Frisbee Jam

TrashCan Jam or "Garbage Can Frisbee" is a popular flying disc game perfect for the beach or family gatherings in the backyard. Disrupt Sports can turn these discs into your own brand by fully customizing promotional Can Jam. Maximize your marketing because Can Jam is for all ages. It is easy to pack, light, and durable. Grab your promotional TrashCan Jam now.

Key Features

  • Retail quality
  • Fully custom (size, shape, artwork)
  • Kit includes: Full colour digital vinyl barrels
  • Kit includes: Full digital printed frisbee

Product Specs

  • Fully custom (size, shape, artwork)
  • Materials: Plastic

Print Options

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Additional Information

But how much?

As all designs and locations are different we need a couple of details from you. So simply fill out the form, email us or live chat now.

Need help designing?

Send us your logo, branding guideline, imagery or any inspiration you have, and we will create some concepts and mock-ups for you.

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