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Foosball Cooler

Foosball Cooler

Want a more interactive quality to your promotional cooler? Look no further than our games themed Coolers. The Foosball Cooler can be fully customized to your brand's colors and logos to show off your brand in a fun engaging way. Let your brand do the talking for you on a quality piece of custom equipment that sends the right message. Entice your customers with a cooler that is as entertaining as it is promotional. Customize the Foosball Cooler with your brand's unique colors and logos and let it speak for itself in a playful manner. This quirky and fun way to showcase your brand will definitely catch their attention and leave a lasting impression.

Disrupt SKU: DS_1071_016_04

Product code: 552

Key Features

  • Perfect for - Campaigns
  • Perfect for -Competitions
  • Perfect for - Sweepstakes prizes
  • Perfect for - Merchandising
  • Perfect for - Promotional items
  • Complete customization options are available

Product Specs

  • Fully printed

Print Options

Lead Time: 2-4 weeks

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