Dimensions of a surfboard

The dimensions of a surfboard (length, width, and depth) will influence the shape and the surfer performance in the water. The size of the board can make it easier for paddle in and out, change the stability, velocity and maneuverability of the board. All the modern surfboards are made of foam and are coated in fibreglass, this makes it easier for surfers to have a light and good board. It is necessary for you to understand how the dimensions of the board can affect your surf, this way you can buy exactly what you need to ensure best performance on the water. When choosing the correct dimensions, here are a few pointers: The length of your board is really important. The longer the board is, the easier it will be to paddle, stand up and it will also have more stability. Therefore, if you are learning how to surf it is easier to start with a big board. For more experience surfers, the size of the waves will determine which board to use, sometimes with longer boards it will be hard to do some maneuvers in the wave. The width of the surfboard affects how stable the board is and its ease of control. Wide boards are easy to surf but sometimes hard to maneuver, similar to the length. The depth of the board will influence in how well it will float. This helps in the peddle, velocity and stability. It is very important to by a board for your weight. It will be impossible to catch a wave if it is not deep enough. It is really hard to find a board with all the ideals dimensions for you, that is why, with Disrupt, you can talk with our shapers and we will do an exclusive, custom board for you that will fit perfect to your size, weight and experience.

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