The Craziest Sports You Need to Try

The Craziest Sports You Need to Try

Fed up of footie? Bored of boarding? Tired of tennis?

Well, we have a list of the craziest sports you have never considered. So, grab your snorkel, remember your fire proof surf board and let us help you find a new hobby.




Wife Carrying:

The Finnish festival is held every July, it’s pretty much what it says in the title. A husband has to carry his wife (or a female friend) around an obstacle course, which includes dry and wet features. The winners of the North American Wife Carrying Championships (yes, there are championships) wins their wife’s weight in beer.



Shin Kicking:

This traditional English sport involves two competitors kicking each other in the shins until one falls to the floor while holding on to each other’s shoulders. The winner is the opponent who has manages to stay on their feet. Competitors are allowed to protect their shins with as much straw as they want and can only wear soft shoes. There is even a World Championships which takes places in the Olimpick games held in England.  Fancy becoming a World Champion?



Bog Snorkelling:

Created in the 1970s over a pint in a local pub (as all great ideas start). Competitors race along a 55m bog and must complete 2 lengths. Snorkels and flippers have to be worn. The first Bog Snorkelling Championships were held in 1985 and have been going from strength to strength. In 2009 there was even a Guinness World Record created as the winner completed the challenge in just 54.91 seconds. The sport is now part of the World Alternative Games which is held every 2 years.



Cockroach racing:

Created in Brisbane, Australia after two mates decided to race cockroaches on the way home from the pub one night. The sport has since grown rapidly and there is now an annual cockroach race held in Australia every Australia Day. The event has 14 different disciplines, including a steeple race. Its popularity has even spread to the US where a cockroach race is held in New Jersey to help predict the Democratic presidential candidate every election year.


Fire Football:

Created and played in Indonesia its very popular amongst students, the rules are the same as football, only with the small difference of the ball being on fire. Before the game starts the players are covered in salt and non-flammable spices. The ball is soaked in Kerosene and traditionally made out of coconut. With this combination, the ball will usually burn for the whole 90 minuet game. The players go through set rituals before playing which is said to make them fire-proof as the game is played bare foot. A burning ball and bare feet, what could possibly go wrong?


Toe Wrestling:

This is another sport which is pretty self-explanatory, competitors have force the other player off the ‘toedium’ to be declared the winner. Competitors big toes have to stay interlocked throughout the match. The game is thought to have been created in the 1970's in England and has evolved into The World Toe Wrestling Championships which are still going strong. The organisers even applied for the game to be included in the 1997 Olympic games, but it was sadly rejected. 

Volcano Surfing:

Want to add some heat to your usual surf? Competitors have to ride down slopes that are covered in ash on a surfboard. The sport was invented by Zoltan Istvan who was a journalist turned adventurer in 2002. The sport can be practised down active or inactive volcanoes, we guess it must be pretty hard to find a lava proof surf board but you can design your own surfboards here. 
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