How to Pop Up

After you have an understanding of paddling technique, all beginner surfers need to learn how to pop up quickly and efficiently. This takes practice.

popping up 2

First, start practicing on the sand, lie down in the board (ideally a soft board to prevent any damage), you can also use the case of the board or a drawing in the sand . Place your hands under your shoulders on the board in push-up position with your legs extended behind you. Then, in one fast motion, boost your body up and place your feet firmly on the board. Remember to never use your knees to get up. This will take time to get used to.

Burpees are a good exercise to get used to this and can be done at home as well, it's important to start looking into stretches and exercises to improve your upper body strength - this will not only help you pop up, but help you paddle out without your arms getting too tired. So let's review, this are the steps for a popup:

  • Place your hands flat on the board under your shoulders in push-up position, with your legs extended behind you
  • Then without relying on your knees, in one fast move, boost your body up and put your feet firmly on the board. You have to put  your front foot approximately where your hands were.
  • And just check if you are in the right position. Your feet have to be parallel to your board and for you have a nice balance. Also,  remember to always flex your knees, this way it will be easier for you to angle and maneuver in a wave.

Now, just practice the same technique on your board in the water! It will be hard in the beginning but with some time, patience and persistence, you'll be up and riding that wave in no time!

popping up

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