Are You Taking Proper Care Of Your Snowboard?

Are You Taking Proper Care Of Your Snowboard?

We understand the relationship you share with your board is a beautiful thing. She goes where you lead, through the highs of jumps and lows of ski lift lines. So reciprocate that care by caring for your snowboard.  

Tell-tale signs your relationship with your snowboard is on the rocks  

  • Edges have nicks and burrs, or in the most dire situations rust starts to creep in.
  • You don’t remember the last time you waxed her
  • Her base has tons of small visible scratches

  If this sounds like you then you’ve come to the right place. The bad news is your board isn’t happy. The good news is there is an easy fix. Here's some simple snowboard care.  


To keep your edges sharp so you can keep cutting into the slopes during your carves you can take your board to a shop to get deburred. This is when they file down the edges so rust, nicks and burrs give way to the smooth shiny little thing she used to be. You can easily do this at home with a carborundum or diamond stone (it fixes everything).

snowboard custom snowboard care demurring


As in all relationships waxing can be a godsend (thanks brazil). But with snowboards this is especially true. Ideally wax your board as often as possible, it keeps the base smooth and fills any small scratches that are bound to happen. Once again if you have no clue leave it to the professionals at the board shop. If you want to take matters into your own hands just get yourself a waxing kit with some instructions and you’re on your way.

custom snowboard care design your own snowboard waxing

or more serious issues you should really leave it to the professionals. They’ll take your unmanicured, self doubting board and bring her back to the beautiful smooth babe you fell in love with.

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