Unwritten Rules of Paddleboarding

Unwritten Rules of Paddleboarding

Unwritten Rules of SUP? Is there such a thing? Yes, there definitely is, here’s a list of 10 unwritten rules of paddleboarding that will prevent you from putting your foot (or paddle) in it.
  1. Always wear a leash- there’s nothing worse than seeing your Paddleboard off on an adventure without you


2.Don't snake surfers- the best way to avoid a collision (and remain friendly with everyone else in the water)



3.If you’re out on your own, take flotation- Flotation can make all the difference if you become separated from your board, safety-first kids!

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4.Know where you’re going- Is it a beach break, a lake with unpredictable winds, what are the prevailing winds doing? Know the weather and what the forecast is calling for.



5.Even when there are no surfers, steer clear of swimmers and people playing in the shallows.



6.Avoid taking your SUP to heavily crowded line-ups- Paddleboards are bulkier than you think!



7.While paddling out through the break, paddle really wide of the breaking wave as to not get in the way of others. Some places have river currents or rip currents, which can be utilised and are out of the way of other surfers.


8.Hold onto your paddle- no one wants the debris in the water and you won't want to lose it either, what are you going to do if you’ve paddled out into the middle of a freezing lake and then whoops?



9.Take turns, share waves. Don't be a wave hog- again; don’t annoy anyone, its pretty simple.



10. The most important rule! Respect the water, no matter if you’re in the sea or a lake, don’t throw trash in the water and don’t bother marine life! You’re in their home now!

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