What Are Carbon Fibre Surfboards?

What Are Carbon Fibre Surfboards ?


Carbon fibre surfboards are super light, typically hollow or have an inner skeleton. These new wave boards are extra responsive, flexible and fast as a result of the innovative modern tech. Shapers have begun to experiment and sell these boards. I’ve been reading some reviews and they sound pretty epic, generally being used with an EPS core and an Epox laminate. Have you ever road a carbon fibre board before? Or do you own one? Throw us a line interested to see how they go.

What are surfboards usually made out of? 

Polyurethane Foam-

This is the most common type of foam and is used in traditional fibre glass surfboards. The blank is hand shaped and then strengthened with a timber stringer. The board is then weighted with fibreglass cloth and laminated with polyester or epoxy resin to form the proper shape of the surfboard.

Expanded Polystyrene- 

EPS is a version of the standard polystyrene foam. It is made up of little foam balls which are compressed together with an adhesive glue. It is the lightest version of foam used to make surfboards. However it can be hard to hand shape as you cannot use the traditional sandpaper because it tears chucks of foam out. This means that boards made out of EPS are normally molded by machines.

The different material of each board comes to preference, buoyancy, weight, maneuverability, durability and the ease at which they can be repaired. All of these areas should contribute to the final decision of what surfboard you decide to shred the waves with.

Now that you've learnt about what boards are made out of, check out all the different types and shapes of surf boards. Grab your own, personally designed, custom board today. Go charge some waves!

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