Top 10 Paddleboarding destinations in the USA

Top 10 Paddleboarding destinations in the USA

Ever wanted to combine an awesome road trip with your passion for paddle boarding? Here are the top 10 paddleboarding destinations in the USA, the ultimate guide to the All-American SUP Road Trip. 




10) The Golden Gate Bridge- California

Yeah, you read it correctly, you can paddleboard around and explore one of the USA's most iconic monuments. The only reason the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge is featured so low on the list is that the waters are very challenging so paddling out to the bridge on most days is a no go. 





9) Fremont Lake, Pinedale- Wyoming

If paddleboarding down 11 miles of untouched sandy beaches sounds like heaven, then Fremont is the place for you. However, there is one drawback...bears...lots of curious bears. Probably best to bring your dogs along for this one.






8) Boerne City Lake- Texas

If you’re a SUP Fisherman this is the lake for you. Boerne City Lake is very relaxed and has a picnic area, volleyball courts as well as a courtesy dock which helps with launching your board.





7) East Rosebud Lake- Montana

Montana as a SUP destination? That's right... with hulking mountains covered in snow and moose having a paddle in the swim zone get ready to chill out and listen to waterfalls crashing through the rocks in this hidden gem.

6) Lake Mead- Nevada

On your way past a little tiny town called... Las Vegas.... make sure you take a small detour and take your paddleboard to the beautiful Lake Mead and take a break from the scorching desert sun. Lake Mead is also home to the world famous Hoover Dam and its rock climbing goats. 





5) Glacier National Park- Montana

With a photo like this do we really need to go on? With crystal clear waters flowing over millions of colourful rocks and surrounded by sky-touching mountains this is one of the most beautiful places in the world to SUP.





4) Hood River- Oregon

Hood River is a favourite summertime destination for many enthusiasts and professionals alike because of the different types of paddling nature offers up. Hood is known for its epic down winding, and flat water paddling when the wind isn’t strong, it’s also a hotspot for whitewater paddling if you're searching for an adrenaline rush.





3) Jenny Lake- Wyoming

looking to paddle past rugged mountains, in greenish waters with the freedom to explore on your own away from the crowd? Jenny Lake has just that, the ideal place for a little paddle board yoga. 





2) Twin Lakes- Colorado

The breathtaking natural beauty of Colorado's largest glacial lakes, reflecting some of the nation's highest peaks, makes Twin Lakes one of the world's most scenic places to paddleboard. It's a little out of the way but definitely worth the journey for and SUP enthusiast.





1) Lake Tahoe- California

Last but not least, Lake Tahoe takes the top spot on out list because it's perfect for beach babes and snow chasers alike. In the winter head up into the mountains and paddle across the crystal clear waters, when you've had your fill of SUP you can just grab a snowboard and hit the slopes. In the summer you can splash about in 70-degree waters and spend the day on countless sandy beaches- does this sound live heaven? We think so too.

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