Surfboard Graphics- Designing Your Board

Surfboard Graphics- Designing Your Board

A surfboard decal can be a great way to add a personal touch to your surfboard. A decal is in short a large sticker which can be personally designed or designed by an artist. There are many different methods to attach surfboard graphics. We will look at how you can finalise that personalised touch!

1: Place your surfboard graphics on the board and trim to shape or it will come trimmed to shape and check fit.

2: It is prescribed to seal your clear first by squeezing a slim layer of sap over whole zone, leaving no foam dry. At that point give the resin sealer a chance to coat dry. (The sealer coat can be smeared a couple of hours before applying realistic)

3: Once sealer coat is dry, apply a medium to thick layer of resin and brush or squeegee over the whole surface of the load up, leaving no foam dry, then place/move graphic into position. At that point work realistic from the centre out with more sap on top.

Note: The resin blend will shift to the temperature with a blend of .5 - 1% and blunder on the slow side.

Surfboard Graphics

Alternately Reveal the back half from tail up on board, put a weighted sack on this half (or pin it). Pour some pitch and brush or squeegee on the nose end of the foam blank, making a point to cover all the foam as it is essential to leave no region dry. You then reveal the front half over the wet range. Remove cushioned weight (or evacuate pin), gum the back half and roll other portion of the graphic out, apply resin and squeegee to last part of board. Apply resin on top of the surfboard graphics and squeegee from the centre out. Being sure to remove any excess resin which is found under the graphic.

Surfboard Graphics


It might be simpler if there are 2 individuals, to apply tar over the whole board in one hit, then place/roll the graphic, include more resin on top and squeegee from the centre out, removing any surplus resin from under the graphic.

4: Once the surfboard graphics is resined to the board, design your glass sheeting from the roll (do no pre-cut) and after that keep on glassing the board in the standard way working resin into the glass on the graphic.

5: Subject to temperature, you may add somewhat more energy to the blend if necessary. Then overlay your rail laps under. It is more beneficial to stay with the board and work it until the blend is practically prepared to go off and expel any air stashes that may show up under realistic or fiberglass.

Note: It is recommended to utilise 2 resin blends when glassing full size design, as this permits time to work the graphic. You could utilise one blend to apply resin to the foam and the hotter blend for the last glassing of the board.

Choosing a board can be hard, check out what type of surfboard would suit you best here. 

A surfing decal is just one of many ways to personalise your surfboard. Alternatively, you can design your own board and get surfboard graphics printed directly onto your board, all delivered for free to your house.

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