Surfboard Design - Types of Surfboards

Surfboard Design - Types of Surfboards

Surfboard Design So many different types of boards all made for different uses. What are they made for and which one may suit you best? Check out all the different styles of surfboard design and help find out which one suits your surfing needs.


This surfboard plan had incredible accomplishment with superior surfing in the 1970s and still permits surfers to push the limits of their capacity. The advanced shortboard is normally under seven feet long and is made for forceful surfing in basic segments of the wave. It is most generally seen with sharp noses, more slender rails, and high rocker which deliver abnormal amounts of mobility. Shortboards have advanced for use in rivalry by individuals in spots like the United States, Australia, Brazil, Hawaii, France and England. They can be ridden in waves from waist high to twofold overhead.

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A great longboard is the most customary surfboard shape. Longboards were what surfers in Malibu, California and Waikiki, Hawaii initially rode in the 1950's and 1960's. They regularly run from 8 feet to 12 feet long. They are all things considered no less than 2.5 inches thick and 20 inches wide. The way that they are thicker permits them to paddle staggeringly well. Somebody figuring out how to surf ought to begin on a longboard shape to learn wave choice, paddling strategy, and turning fundamentals. Master longboarders are the experts of style, surfing in a streaming and outwardly engaging way.

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This term portrays a bigger surfboard shape with a great deal of volume. They extend long from 6 feet to 8 feet.

The funboard is an extraordinary transitional board for any individual who needs to move down in size while keeping up prevalent paddling force and strength. Since funboards are more extensive, they permit the rider to adjust effectively, which makes them amusing to ride, particularly for fledglings.

The funboard will come in different tail shapes, nose shapes, and thwarts.


This board plan picked up prevalence in the 1970s and begins from the knee-board. It is shorter, more extensive and compliment than a shortboard and works exceptionally well in little soft surf. There is very little bend in the rocker of a fish, which makes it paddle extremely well and bring speed through level segments of the wave.

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GunGuns are the surfboard to ride on huge days. They go long from 6'6" to 10' with greater sheets for expanding wave sizes, permitting the surfer to oar quickly enough to find quick moving waves. It is intended for huge drops at high speeds. Weapon shapes are hard to ride and require a ton of experience. They are principally ridden at enormous wave spots in the Pacific Ocean, for example, the North Shore and off the shoreline of different islands where winter storms deliver capable waves all through November, December, January, February, March and April.

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The half and half surfboard outline blends the configuration highlights from two comparative board sorts. One case is the cross breed fish which blends the attributes and execution of a shortboard outline with the additional width and tail configuration of a fish. This is an extraordinary board for a heavier surfer who needs to surf at an abnormal state or any other person who needs to get a great deal of waves.

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There are a couple of other surfboard design that are less normal. Each has its own particular quality and elements that permit them to exceed expectations in particular conditions. Hopefully you now know which surfboard design will best suit you!

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