Recycling Sea Waste To Surf Fins

Recycling Sea Waste To Surf Fins

Recycling Sea Waste To Surf Fins

As an ocean dweller, there’s a good chance you have at some point paddled across floating garbage. With the magnitude of pollution continuing to increase there are already estimations that there is 5,254,000,000,000 pieces of plastic debris polluting our oceans globally. Among the most heavily affected regions are the popular surf destinations around South East Asia, particularly the Indonesian archipelago. Worldclass waves in the Bali and Java islands of Indonesia have, in recent years, become highly polluted from the influx of tourists and the affects of the tourism industry. 

Recognising the need for change, the forward thinking team at 5 Oceans have come up with one small step on the path to garbage reduction in the Indonesian islands the recycled ecoFin. The ecoFin is a surfboard fin that is constructed from recycled plastic debris found on Balinese and Javanese beaches. Combining sustainability with the high performanceRecycling Sea Waste To Surf Fins demands of surfing, the ecoFin concept is aimed to impress those who are both environmentally conscious and like to rip.

In association with waste organisations in Bali, Javanese recycling facilities, volunteers and local waste collectors, 5 Oceans have ensured a transparency in the construction process of the ecoFin. The journey of the ecoFin from the Balinese beach, to the Javanese Recycling Sea Waste To Surf Finsrecycling facility, to the ecoFin model. 

The early stages of the ecoFin’s journey are just beginning with a documentary release launching in the coming months and the product becoming commercially available in the near future. To get involved or for further information, keep an eye on the ecoFin !

From recycling sea waste to surf fins ecoFin is another one of the countless companies that is bringing innovation to the surf industry. We love innovators in the surfing industry; if you are making waves in the surf world get in touch with us!

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